Forgotten Hope 2 is an award-winning World War II modification for Battlefield 2TM and is based on the original Forgotten Hope, a modification for Battlefield 1942TM, one of the most popular multiplayer games ever. Battlefield 1942TM featured land, sea and air combat in a way never before seen. It was the goal of the development team to maximize the game experience by adding both a realistic and enjoyable gameplay to FH and now to FH2.

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FH2 v2.4 maps are missing by singleplayer (Mods : Forgotten Hope 2 : Forum : Help and Support : FH2 v2.4 maps are missing by singleplayer) Locked
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Jan 25 2012, 1:07am Anchor

i cannot find the 2.4 maps in singleplayer. i only see maps of v2.2 and 2.25 and 2.26 and 2.3 and some africa maps. but i cannot find the 2.4 maps? is that a problem or something?? please help! and if i go to multiplayer then create and then if i create a server there are no bots in the levels??? please help with these 2 problems. because i dont know how to create a server/level and the 2.5 maps. thanks!!!

Jan 28 2012, 7:16am Anchor

IIRC 2.4 maps have no SP support.

Jul 16 2012, 1:48pm Anchor

is this the same with 2.45, because they aren't showing up on singleplayer?

Jul 16 2012, 4:10pm Anchor

2.4 maps are in coop and conquest. they have all sp support.

Jul 16 2012, 5:29pm Anchor

then why aren't they showing up? they just aren't there under the level selection menu, i'm missing bastogne and all the new 2.45 maps

Jul 17 2012, 6:01am Anchor

there are by multiplayer then ''create'' then coop. enjoy!

Jul 17 2012, 5:22pm Anchor

thank you

Jul 18 2012, 7:11am Anchor

no thanks!

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