You escape the unimaginable horror and find yourself in The Old Harman's Castle. You must find Francis Harman, the castle owner to find out what's after you...

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I was impressed with this particular custom story. I'll be hitting points in order of story, level design, sound, conflict, and conclusion.

The story began in an ordinary way, running from a monster is always a good way of getting a story started, but several things struck me as strange. First, the protagonist's wife is slaughtered, and he doesn't really show any reaction or emotion which is necessary when you begin a story with a tragedy. Next, the protagonist's motivation is not always clear. He doesn't recognize the monster to be set exclusively on him, and yet he chooses to stay within Harman's castle chasing after the group who supposedly brought him inside, left him a note, and then went on an expedition to the other side of the castle. Overall I like the story, but these points could have used clearing up.

Level design was pretty damn good. I was very happy with fairly clear directions of where I needed to go, or where I needed to be, and got lost very little. I thought it was amusing how I would grab an item, be chased out of a room through the opposite side, and then the door would slam shut and lock behind me. I appreciate how this prevents worry of having missed something. Elements of the rooms were well placed, believable, and useful.

Sound was pretty standard in my opinion. I mean that in a neutral way, in that it was chosen well enough, but there was nothing particularly impressive about it.

The conflict of the story was set up well with the brute acting as the main antagonist, grunts acting as secondary antagonists along with water monsters. The brute's entrances were well set, and made significant by the character's observations, giving the player a reason to fear him a bit more than the others. The bane of my Amnesia existance has always been water monsters. So when I had to go through the excruciatingly long water area towards the end of chapter one, I had a heart attack.

The conclusion (of chapter one) was short and abrupt, as is this section


Awesome Cs!
I was really impressed!
Play my mod Premonition!
I am curious what YOU think of my CS!
Cause this was SOO good!

Greets Lange.


How is 70% of the people giving this Custom story a 10/10... Its not bad but it is certain no masterpiece. It seems we have a lot of people who appriciate fast action, simple puzzles and lots of monsters.. Maybe its because of my personel preferences. I also played THE GREAT WORK before this one. So maybe thats why im a bit dissapointed with this one. Because Chapter 1 + 2 is like one of the 7 chapters The Great Work has to offer.
I care more about a good story and lengty gameplay, than constant action pumped runalong. Dont get me wrong, this custom story isnt bad at all. But compared to other CS its a bit short imo. Although I do believe there is a lot of work on it. I enjoyed chapter 2 more than I did 1. The story is qutie thin and the voice acting not that great. It improved in the second part.

Chapter one: 5
Chapter two: 7
Gives us a 6.


Some aspects aren't perfect, but the atmosphere feels just like this of the oryginal game. I empathized much into the gameplay, just to...
...realize that the plot isn't completed!

It could be even a 10-minute of gameplay conclusion.



I really hope there will be a chapter 3 sometime.


adamszczota says

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+ spookinesssssss
+ just a traditional fire
- voice acting
- no sequel

It's unfortunate that this never got finished, because what's there is pretty impressive. It's got scares, a few new mechanics and solid level desgin with great lighting and effects. Voice acting and story are also pretty solid. It does spam monsters a bit near the end of chapter 2, but other than that, I have no major complaints about what's here. It's just unfortunate that this project was given up on.

Story: 7/10 (technically I'd say 8, but the fact that it's unfinished takes one mark off)
Scares: 8/10
Gameplay: 9/10

Final rating: 8/10


Forgot to review this story one year ago... please return to make a chapter 3. I loved it.



This custom story its pretty good, it doesn't have custom assets or anything, but it does an awesome job using the original ones.

The maps are really good, nothing to complain about.

The events are almost as good as the vanilla game.

The story its a little joined-with-glue but its brilliant to se how a simple idea can be developed in good ways.

The bad part of this mod, its that its just the first chapter. For a first part is very good; the second part must be better.


This custom story, along with chapter one, are really good. The maps are well made, and the event are top-level.

There are no jumpscares and thats good.
Again, there are almost little to nothing of story, but it fill the space with good tension and blood chilling moments.

What is a little sad is that this chapter two has no flollow up till this time, almost 4 years from the first chapter.

Its a shame, because this trilogy could be the best custom story with original assets and no custom content.

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Awesome Cs!
I was really impressed!
Play my mod Premonition!
I am curious what YOU think of my CS!
Cause this was SOO good!

Greets Lange.

Jun 22 2012 by DnALANGE