This Is a Campaign for Starcraft: Broodwars, I started Creating this Mod Mid-April because of the things I have been seeing on TV and other sources.

It is my first wack at making a campaign and I am using basic elements as of now, but I see no Reason to really make an OUTSTANDING mod just yet, due to the fact I'm leaving for the Air Force on May 16th 2006. I am just creating the Basic Building Blocks for a Fantastic Mod that will be perfected over time after I get back from My Training, Catch my drift??? Still If anyone would Like to help, e-mail me and I will send you the files.

  • Storyline
  • In March of 2007 United States Invades the Islamic Republic of Iran, after IAEA Intelligence proves Iran has Obtained Nuclear Weapons from outside sources and that its Enrichment Programs are no Longer Civilian Oriented.
    The Campaign Will Take You Thru Strategic Combat Phases (Sorry no Base Building Here)
    The Missions are as Followed.

  • Air/Ground Invasion of Western Sector of Iran and Capture of Oil Depots
  • Special Forces Mission Involving Destruction of Nuclear Facility :rambo:
  • Large Scale Tank Battle in Southwest Iran
  • Capture of More Oil Fields
  • Battle Of Tehran (Suprise Ending)
  • Special Missions after Tehran (Can't Tell you what happens, It would spoil the Game)
  • Once Again I am leaving On May 16th and unless I have some help, the mod will be inactive for a mere 5 to 6 Months, Depending When I get out of Tech School. I have a Big Ambition for this mod, seeing that actual things in the Real World Effect What may or may not go into the Mod. Hell, Who knows, Maybe before I come Back we will already be in a Full Scale war with them..... Good God I hope not...


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    If anyone has my file for this mod, could you please send it to me for some reason moddb has taken my download off of the site. thank you



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    I have compiled a 5 mission sample beta campaign for everyone to enjoy while i am gone to my training!!! ALL FEEDBACK IS ACCEPTED, tell me if you hate...

    2 More Missions Finished

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    2 More Basic Templates of the Missions Have Been Created. They Go As Followed Invasion Destruction of Armored Factories Destruction of Nuclear Silos SEALS...

    Teaser Mission

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    I've posted a basic mission layout for critisism and ideas how the community will react to this mod. all advice is appreatiated mike


    Can someone send it to me?

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    hey how can i make an "Animated Avatar" ?

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    1/10 due to the fact that the author is probably another idiot who thinks that FoX news is the messiah.

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    Some screen shots would be nice!

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    Thank you for making a mod about attacking Iran... the place I come from... killing persians, yay, great fun. Now It seems like everybody sees Iran as a terrorist country too... it's that damned government. Peapole think there are suecide bombers and Jihads running around... HELL NO!

    I know this is just a mod but this is nothing too appealing to me...

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    Well the game is about attack military and goverment forces of Iran, not its civillians. In games like World in Conflict and you can play as Soviets and destroy Americans and their cities.

    I am part Vietnamese and both my mom and dad were born in Vietnam and lived and escaped during the war. There are many video games about the Vietnam War, I don't go bitching about it. In these games you can destroy homes and stuff too and I don't care. My grandpa's backyard in Vietnam was used as a military command post without permission and I still don't care. There are games were you can do these things and I don't bitch and complain and call it offensive.

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    I forgot about this mod and now that I remebered about it, the dowload got taken off. I guess I'll just have to check back daily until I can get my hands on this :)

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    which one of thoughts guys are you???

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    intresting :D

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    Sounds very interesting, I can't wait till' you get back and start work on it. Sounds like it will be great when it's done.

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