Finland At WW2 aims to provide a historically accurate mod about the three wars in Finland which were fought between 1939 and 1945. The mod gives you an oppurtunity to fight as Finland, Russia and Germany in both wintery and summer maps.

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Great game, and thank you so much Mr.Master, we will definitely not going to make it too biased, thank you again for all your hard work and time spending on the mod.

Much needs still to be worked, but everything is coming along nicely. The new weapon effects and systems, like modern guns and grenades aren't easy to do and look really good.

Also the amount of weapons is getting bigger and bigger, and new clothing is also finding its way in.

I look forward to the time when efforts get spent into building props, and the making of the Blue Division, the Spanish soldiers who made an epic stand on Leningrado and fought all over that zone.


Fck u all


Cuz the mod is just dead


aristotle says

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bad game


i dont know it sems to be cool


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