FFUR 2007 calls upon years of refined technology from its predecessors, models and textures amounting to thousands of man hours of work (Special thanks to OFP modding community) and complex refinement to present you with a modern, fun and realistic experience whilst playing Operation Flashpoint. New features in this milestone version include: Complete on-line compatibility after extensive testing and changes - FFUR 2007 should run on dedicated servers with no problems whatsoever; All known bugs have been fixed - every mishap reported by the community was sorted; Optimized, updated effects, including several new ones from the SLX Mod (Thanks to Solus), all CPU-friendly and lag-free on most 1.3GHz machines and up (a recommendation down from 2.0GHz in previous FFUR packs); Several model changes, including new US ACUs (Thanks to CameronMcDonald) and some new Russians (Thanks to the RHS Team); Realistic and authentic sound effects. The largest change in FFUR 2007 is that the mod is now lag-free...

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Very good mod

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Aug 9th, 2013

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