In 2076, while human population have reached nearly 20 billion people, planet Earth becomes to losing all energetic supplements, those has been taken very irresponsibly since beginning of 21st century. This situation makes scientists thinking about colonizing planet Mars. Even if the new planet was very unfriendly for human beings, scientists were developed bases, labs and also life-giving atmosphere. The Mars has been waking for life with humans, but water is still rare. There’s also been found leaves after ancient civilizations, and they’re still coming occasionally to the Mars from other galaxy. This becomes a beginning of the fight about every piece of the planet, apparently about supplements and surviving each individual...

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FC Mars mod v3.0 New Wave - final release

FC Mars mod v3.0 New Wave - final release

Dec 2, 2007 Full Version (126.48mb) 2 comments

1. Uninstall Mars v1.0 or 1.01 or 2.0 and install Mars 3.0 New Wave!!! Game mode: MFFA, MTDM and Flags... Sry for bugs....

FC Mars mod v.2 New Wave

FC Mars mod v.2 New Wave

Sep 17, 2007 Full Version (116.76mb) 0 comments

New version FC Mars mod, what's new? - maps - game mod TDM and Assault - new effects - repaired bugs uninstall v 1.01 and install v 2.0 ;) Be happy...

FC Mars Mod 1.01

FC Mars Mod 1.01

Aug 4, 2007 Full Version (77.69mb) 0 comments

Multiplayer FC Mars mod v1.01

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