You have been broke for a while and have been begging for cash. A strange man came by and told you that there was a mansion where you can live for free for a month or two. You went to the mansion and was greeted by a butler, who told you that the owner was sleeping, and then led you to your room... Enjoy.

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It was a fun story thanks for making it.

Cheap with bad mapping. Pointless jumpscares. Not worth the time playing it.


Awesome! I can't wait for chapter 2.


really funny :D

to buggy

Good Mod.


theend10 says

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Great Story Loved it
Oh gosh that last JumpScare i just shat in my pants srsly lol
rated 8 cause its pretty short
cant wait for chapter 2!

Short but great.Really scary and can't wait for chapter 2.


Slaya091 says

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I was playing this over skype with a friend (we were playing it at the same time) and when the last scare came (the one in the red room) it scared the **** out of me and I almost fainted, good job my friend.


SovietMentality says

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