False Dawn is set a number of years after the events of Quake 4, where you assume the role of the Most Unexceptional of a new breed of soldier, the Stroggified Marine. You can go where no regular human can and have been called upon to save humanity from the threat of a mysterious new super weapon developed by the vicious Strogg!

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This was a fantastic campaign, all the detail and challenges were amazing. I just wish we could have gone a little farther after the ending, but I understand that to make maps of this detail, requires time.

Aside from that the voice acting for the Strogg is a little weird, personally I thin it just doesn't fit them but its only an aesthetic factor, I just wonder if there's going to be more because this is a professional mod for Quake 4.

The good - level design, nice pace from the gameplay, good use of difficulty and AI, voice acting, the story.

The bad - The game was too much dark on some places, why hide all that level design work, some funny voice acting especially from the commander.

Already played it, only recommended! Great work, thats look pretty amazing. The real NON-LINEAR gameplay, everything is working awesome, graphics 10 of 10! I cant believe it real, perfect! Just perfect!

Awesome! I want more!!!

I was waiting for this mod for a very long time and now when it's released it's great. I want to give it 9/10 for some of my reasons, but it wouldn't be right so I give it 10/10.

Yes, in some parts map could have better lighting, some areas feel too dark. Some actually look good in dark (start area, dark-blue cpu area and air filtration darkness part), while other ones could benefit for better lighting for floor so I could know better where to go.

There could be more secrets, I find just a few similar to those from Q4 like stuff hidden under the stairs or behind boxes. I wish to see buttons that open walls or walls that can be pushed like in classic Q2.

I also miss material effect for different surface when they were shoot in Q4 like interferences on the screens, smoke from pipes and electric discharge on machines - I believe it would require additional layer of work on every part of map.

I love level design, it's giant, remind be a bit Q2 style. It have lot of replay value, usually I do not back to levels I finish - this one I will revisit a lot. Three objectives can be done in any order and each one make rest harder (last one will be hard as hell at the end), small parts of map changes. Levels got good amount of exploring, fighting Stroggs and solving puzzles, in few parts there's some platform jumping (but not too much so do not worry). Gameplay got good diverse, sometimes You will fight bigger bad-*** Stroggs but do not worry there is always some place to manoeuvring and strafing.
One thing in design I miss are Strogg red flags they use them in Q2 and Q4 to decorate their installations - it was part of their culture. Also start area could have small haze effect on pipe part that was cut off, dripping drops from pipe and small used torch.

As for plot I won't write anything to not spoil it, all I can say - it's awesome and it made my jaw drop on floor when I finish False Dawn. Now I'm left with feeling of expectation for more - what is very good feeling :)


InRetro says

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This was kickass. I had so much fun burning through ammo, fighting the good fight. Story is neat and it leaves you wanting more. I mean, I wish it continued on where it ends and you get to.. well, I don't want to spoil it.

Good game.

Really spectacular mod i have so much fun playing it too bad it's so short though.

False Dawn is an excellent, if brief user-made campaign! Both the hub-based level design and the locational weapon system should've been part-and-parcel of Quake IV when it was released, though I'm glad somebody finally got around to implementing these features. The end result is a game that plays not entirely unlike Quake II, and I don't need to remind anybody about what a great game THAT was.

If False Dawn has a flaw, it's the Sikkmod graphics suite. Its options do a fairly poor job of concealing Quake IV's aged textures, and the fact that they suck up way too much GPU memory in the process only makes things worse. Call me spoiled, but I don't much care for the idea of playing a nine-year-old game with anything less than 60+ fps the whole way through. Unless your machine can handle the strain that Sikkmod puts on it, you'll save yourself a lot of headaches if you just all of its features off; you'll be left with a game that's graphically identical to base Quake IV, which still looks decent even in 2014.


Zombie13 says

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Solid gameplay, neat puzzles and a decent layout.

A good effort!

This such a brilliant mod. False Dawn would really deserve much more recognition. I have only played for a couple of hours but so far I have had a couple of great moments and the quality is extremely high.

You don't see many mods like this and it clearly surpassess the already very good original. I've seen enough to give this a 10/10.

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