The map covers most of the world from the Americas to Japan, and Greenland to Australia. It adds 3 new religions and 13 new playable factions. You need : - Medieval 2 Total War installed without modification on the data folder - Kingdoms installed with update 1.05 New Factions : - Empire of Mali - Kingdom of the Great Zimbabwe - Apache - Maya Empire - Inca Empire - Western Chalukya Empire - Chola Empire - Khmer Empire - Srivijaya Empire - Kingdom of Ryukyu - Empire of Japan - Empire of Song China - Jurchens Campaign Map : - The map covers 6 continents - 195 Provinces to conquer, names written in native languages - Cities as much historical as possible and based from medieval demographic studies - Stone forts and watch towers - New buildings - Simulation of the Great Wall of China with impassable mountains and fixed stoneforts Battle Map : - Tipi village for north american, red brick castles and stone forts and new textures for Mesoamerican cities. - Oil to protect walls entrance.

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Well, i was just so excited becouse this mod was the mod i was searching for a long time. (well the concept of the whole world avaible)
But the map is just so small, i was thinking that it would be a little bit like the original medieval 2 .
But the whole map is redone and the original part of europe isn't even recognisable.
And one more thing, the chinese are just like the mongols :/

But after all, the concept is really great, some rough edges could be better, but it is an enjoyable mod.


The only mod of its type, a huge effort to be done by one small team. The new factions are familiar allowing long time player to quickly be able to jump straight in to the action.

Been having a blast playing this!


good and interesting ideas) i am waiting the full-version of mod

Nice job

So this mod would be great if it was not for the constant crashing. You never know when the game will just crash. Certain areas, units, factions and agents will cause this. The map is also pretty poor, but that is not a big deal. The big deal is that you can fight a huge battle that took forever and as soon as you finish the game crashes. It even mocks when the game closes!

A lot of bugs and some of the units are very similar, but its not half bad once you get into it. If they worked at just a while longer they could have made something really amazing.

It's unique. the only problem there is the lack of details, but with the size of the world is understandable.

good mod

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