Enormously expands Star Ruler, introducing: Planetary Invasions: Planetery Planets can now be invaded using millions of troops stored in dropship bays. Stargates: a new hull has been introduced: the Stargate. A massive vessel that allows you to create hyperspace routes through your empire. New Shielding & Repair System: the leaky shield system has been replaced by one more close to popular science fiction. Build your own fleet support ships! Admirals: gain admirals while in combat with crew manned ships. Terraforming: terraform Planets to increase their build slots with a new Subsystem. ... and more.

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The mod didn't allow me to interact with my research screen in anyway, and wouldn't even open the planet menu.
I downloaded this mod because it looked very promising, so a patch where it would work would be appreciated. Not sure what the problem is.

Love It!

Good stuff

As far as i can tell this makes star ruler even more worth playing, and really who doesnt enjoy a good sifi mod?


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