Europe at War is a historical mod for Company of Heroes that adds new battlefronts with new commander trees, abilities, units, vehicles and weapons for each, representing in the best way, as far as possible, historical accuracy, to immerse players in a much more realistic gaming experience. Situated on a Western theatre from the warm sands of north africa, italian battlefields, beaches of Normandy, Dutch Tulip fields, ardennes forests and defensive lines of the Rhine in germany.

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I gotta say this is easily one the greatest mods for company of heroes it rounds out the game so much you guys did an amazing job with this mod every fan of company of heroes needs this mod

Its great, but if someone can tell me how to install all the patches will be better

Good Mod, great fun, keep up the good work!

It only needs some spell checks here and there.

Just Epicly great!

You really should try out the D-day mode once! That's the best chaos I've ever seen before on a WW2 game.

i think that this mod is reaaaaally perfect! :) the sikins are goods, the new models like the Mg 34 team, are great! the only bug is the Leanguage!!!!! Why the Spanish????? Change this and the mod will be perfect ;)

This mod is by far one of the best mods for company of heroes. Plenty of units, plenty of maps, plenty of game modes, plenty of fun. Brilliant if you have friends that are also fans of the game, as there are many coop game modes.
It runs fairly well on my higher end system which is good as I had performance problems with Blitzkrieg.
The only reason that this mod doesn't get a 10 is that it needs some polishing. But as a beta, this is completely understandable. Do not think that this means that it is broken though, as it runs well and I have yet to suffer a crash on it.
Great Gameplay, great content and great fun.
P.S. And Aussies in the future ;)

best COH mod I've ever played(EF, BK, BOB, European threat, NHC...)

Perfect balance between fun and realism. I look foward to the North Africa mode.

super duper keep it coming guys

Good mod !!!

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