Europa Barbarorum is a modification of Rome: Total War based on the desire to provide RTW players with a more fun, challenging, realistic, and historically accurate game experience. Europa Barbarorum is a total conversion, though it covers roughly the same time period as the imperial campaign included with RTW. The modification affects all areas of RTW; all vanilla units have been removed, all new models and textures, a new economic system, new traits system, new scripts, and in general new gameplay. No area of RTW is left untouched.

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As historical as you can get with Rome Total War

The detail and breadth of the mod is incredible. I don't even have to think abut Rome II because I can play EB. I played as Rome in EB for 18 months and still was not the slightest bit bored. It is a fantastic and beautiful mod. Thanks to the modders!


Good mod for a good game :)

A great mod. Historical accuracy is always great.

Best and most realistic RTW mod . great historic experience.

So simple

Historical accuracy is top notch, unfortunately gameplay is not important.

It's huge super-modification, thats suprised me. Realy. I admire people who do this great job, because the basic Rome: Total War was fantastic game, but... in arcade style. That colorfull warriors, a-historic factions and places... But this people fix this! Now the RTW is one of the best simple strategy games ever. All historic factions, hundreds of units, realistic design is impresive. I think this version of the game should be basic version, but that's only my modest opinion. 9/10

The concept of this mod is really great: realism, historical accuracy, a great number of different playable factions etc.
However it has too many bugs: about 1 CTD every 30 minutes of playing is too much, in my opinion, expecially when it happens in the middle of a decisive tactical battle.
Anyway,a great game...i hope for less CTD's in EBII

This is one of the best mods that I have ever played. The music was awesome, there were more choices in the campaign map, and the Latin was so accurate! If you downloaded the quotes mod it enhances everything because you actually have things to set your mind to the game and think about it. Overall this is the best mod that has ever been made and the 2nd one should be rome 2 total war.

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