ETXreaL is a graphics mod for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory using the enhanced XreaL id Tech 3 GPL engine.

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Jul 24 2011 Anchor

Following some advice from eiM I thought I would start a thread with suggestions for ETXreaL. I'll try to keep an eye on this thread and update when there is consensus. The page is divided into categories and ordered by a combination of priority, popularity and the amount of work needed.


i.e. textures etc...



My ideas...

Programming :
ETpro for ETXreaL or atleast a new pro-mod (note that ETPub works an source-code is available and includes some parts of ETPro)
Improved hitboxes (controlled by cvar incase people want to play with old hitboxes)
Improved netcode (there's some existing projects which do this)
IPv6 Support
Improved sound/audio (voip included??? maybe)
Use of CLANG compiler (

New textures etc..
New maps or ET maps re-compiled/editted for xreal
New sounds (but might spoil the atmosphere of ET?)

Alpha/Beta testing with public server
(later) tournament of some sort

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Aug 6 2011 Anchor

Testing public server is on: et84://
I'm compiling here snapshots from git repo, so server and assets are up2date. The one thing i need to do, is rewrite build script so i get more smaller pk3 files than one big 700M (now... i becomes bigger and bigger on every commit).
No omnibots yet because server is on 64bit... Tr3b told that somebody worked on gamemonkey 64bit code, so i hope i run omnibots on my server soon.

If anything bad happens to you when you are connected to server - TELL ME PLEASE. I'll try to fix that then.

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