Short, experimental, non-horror Amnesia story created as a part of student project for Faculty of Dramatic Arts (Belgrade). The goal was to create a game that can be completed in 15 minutes or less and still tell a story. We decided to go for a poetic approach and put the player in familiar Brennenburg enviroment but kept it abstract to differentiate from classic Amnesia levels. First version of the mod was written in Serbian language titled " Bekstvo od dnevnog svetla" and later we decided to translate it to English so our non-Serbian speaking friends could try it, therefore downloads are available in both languages with separate archives and folders.

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The storyline is deep, but level design is boring and the cs is around 5 minutes long. It's good, but could have been so much better.

6/10 - Decent

You had a good sense of art, especially in the notes.

Interesting and different custom story. Great job with creating relaxed and mysterious atmosphere.

This was just horrible, did you set the piano music to be playing from ONE angle? That just gave me a headache!

this was a nice custom story but was to short

A nice try, and of course I realise it was just a student project not a semi-pro creation.

But I found myself unable to give more than three points because the level design was unimaginative, and the areas that were dark, I found so dark I had to crank up the gamma to save myself traipsing around looking for tiny objects on the floor. The rooms were a little uninspired; even using the game's foundations as non-horror, I expected more of the game's features and props to be used for a little atmosphere rather than big square rooms with very little in them (aside from the bedroom, which was nicely done).

If this mod were worked on, and perhaps expanded to about an hour's gameplay with different areas and ideas then I'd definitely play it, and would probably rate higher.

wow that was actually pretty good

nice mod

I really liked it. Mainly as its not like the other mods. Very creative. Only downfall is its to short.

Personally, I really enjoy a break from all of the cheap jumpscares and monsters you see in other Custom Stories. I loved the atmosphere, and the story was really different and original!! I liked that you made 2 different endings; that was pretty neat(:
On a technical standpoint, the map design was very well done; no bugs, leaks, or glitches that I could see.
THE MUSIC WAS AMAZING!! I really enjoyed it. Tell your music guy/girl that they really did a good job!

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