Equestria at War is a mod that tries to recreate the fantasy world of Equestria from My Little Pony franchise in a slightly darker setting with industrialization, corruption and political disagreements. The scenario focuses on global confrontation between Changelings and Equestria. This mod features a new map with related countries, events and national focuses for Equestria, Changeling Empire, the Griffon Colony and Stalliongrad. As well as communist civil war in Equestria and Luna vs Celestia civil war.

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It's a pony mod that overhauls the world to fit a fanmade Equestria whiloe overhauling the technology tree in a very unique way to make this more than just a reskin.



This mod is obviously still in development and has a ways to go before reaching it's full potential. Yet it is already light-years better then many Hoi4 mods out there and could be released as it's own game in the current state it is in. I anxiously wait to see what is in store.

As a mlp fan, I adore this mod.
A lot of decisions and other awesome stuff like the rebellion of Nightmare Moon, the Empire of Dragons or Griffins and Sombra's return...
I would like to see zebras =D


Awesome mod

Pretty fun, interesting events focus trees and even unfinished as it is its quiet fun to play even just the same nation again a few times (at least equestria) as there is so much that can happen.

Despite the fact that this mod is still in development, it shows a sizable amount of polish and work contributed into its making. What really makes stand out is that isn't a random mlp country hap-haphazardly slapped onto the map in the HoI basegame, but rather a complete overhaul of the game, with a new map, new countries, new focuses, and the like. It still has a fair share of issues, but that should be expected for a mod that is still in development. The premise isn't for everyone, but that still isn't a reason to hate it. It's worth a play if you're interested in testing it out for yourself.


Even at this point its already a great mod. Alot focus trees (cant wait for more!), nice events, somewhat funny "plot". And, best selling point for me: GAME DIDNT LAG AT ALL. Best hoi4 experience for me by far <3


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While still under development i definitely enjoy it and love the attention and detail given to this mod.

Stop ponifying everything you lay your hands on.

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