EpiQuake is a new and original sound / music PAK for quake 1. 90% of the sounds have been replaced with original high quality sound design work which have been created just for the purpose of this project. Also included is a brand new tonal electronic score adding some cinematic flare to the first person shooter. All sound design and music put together by experienced sound designer / composer Rich Douglas who has been working in the video game industry for 10 years.

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This video demonsrates tons of EpiQuake sound features.... without the new music so you can really hear the new material. Everything from the new ambience, new weapon sounds, new enemy sounds, new door and platform sounds are on display here. Of course there are tons of other sounds this video doesnt cover... but this'll give you a great idea as to what to expect after installing EpiQuake. This is all heard IN GAME and was not added in post. What you hear is what you get. Of course, bear in mind the audio fidelity in this video isn't on par with what is heard in game.

Recorded using fraps... utilizes Rygels High Res texture pak utilized within the amazing Dark Places engine.

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