ETF (Enemy Territory Fortress) is a free modification for the popular free game Wolfenstein Enemy Territory. This mod is actually a direct port of the once very popular Quake 3 Fortress mod in it’s prime version of 2.3 during the gaming days of Quake 3 Arena. This game is totally free with no obligations or unwanted programs on your computer. Most modern day computers and laptops can run this game without any issues and the gameplay is very fast. The ETF mod was released in January 2005 and it’s final version of 1.6 was released in 2006. A 1.7 update is currently in the works but no release date is yet planned. There are 10 classes to choose from to complete your objective of mostly “Capture the flag” (CTF) with the goal of taking the enemy flag and bringing it to your capture point, although there are reverse and one flag games modes also. There are offensive and defensive characters to choose from and this only makes the game more exciting.

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ETF 1.6 Windows FULL Installer

ETF 1.6 Windows FULL Installer

Full Version 1 comment

This 900 meg file is all you need to play ETF in windows it comes with all the current maps , Wolf ET, Patches and ETF 1.6 all bundled up together easy...


Full Version 0 comments

Q4F Folder downloaded from server and rarred.

ETF Class Configs

Other 0 comments

In this file is included the basic confgis for each class i hope :) in the ingame options set exec class configs everytime you respawn so if you change...

Wolfenstein ET

Full Version 0 comments

Wolfenstein ET 260 Meg

ET Patch 2.60

Patch 1 comment

ET Patch 2.60

ET Patch 1.02.exe

Patch 0 comments

ET Patch 1.02.exe

ETF Full Install Linux 1.6

Full Version 0 comments

This is the full install of ETF 1.6 for Linux

ETF Full Install Windows1.6

Full Version 2 comments

This is the full install for ETF 1.6 You still need the Enemy Territory and the two patches to play. Any help or guidance you need join #spontanetf #etfgame...

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