Empire Earth 4 (Mod) - The global mod for the game EE2. Is complete conversion of EE2 game. Added to the game of 1350 new units for a period 1-15. Each country is different from other units.

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Oct 25th, 2011
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Empire Earth 4 (Mod) v9.0 (English and Russian) (Multiplayer)

Release 9 version of Empire Earth 4 (Mod)This mod is constantly updated, stay tuned for new releases

Download the mod link
English version:
Maximum speed up to 1Mb/s, but the site in Russian language!
Maximum speed up to 500Kb/s, need your email

Russian version:
or in
Official site of mod:
Ee4-eng.do.am - English version
Empireearth4.ucoz.com - Russian version


!!!!!!!!! It is very important!!!!!!! !!!
The mod is set for the game Empire Earth II: The Art of Supremacy (gold version EE2)
Mod Run in compatibility mode for Windows XP (operating systems, Vista and 7)
Please set Lighting Detail: LOW. Game works properly only with LOW setting of Lighting Detail.
(By default, these settings should be at a minimum)
For some video cards may have to reduce, and other settings.
Maud more demanding on computer resources than the original game!
Do not make a massacre 10 player map size of 500 * 500!

For more information about mod found here:
In Mod EE4 can play online. We are constantly test mod in multiplayer. You can join our tests and play with us in the mod. We have the opportunity to play at GameSpy, hamachi and Tunngle.
If you want to play online in mod, and want to get involved EE4 or you have any questions,
you can write here:
Ee4-eng.do.am Facebook.com

The creators of Empire Earth 4 (Mod):
The core team:
Author of the idea, program code, the adaptation of models, the balance - RGV1
Russian text description, icons, boot screens - Axel
Boot screen, icons, scripts, maps - Dragon_ua
Russian text description - DarkElfe
Adapting the model program code - Iwanicki
The icons, the English text - Michael34
Correction of the English version of the mod - Shieldwolf
Over the mod worked well:
Program code, balance, ideas, scripts - NagvalRus
Campaigns and Scenarios - iluha
Scenarios, the English text description - Ivan12345 @
The campaign and scenarios - Oreshek
Modernization of the map generator - Elensul Heruambar
Icons, ideas - e24ever
Maps - LeVon Levoni
The original game patch - DrMonaLisa
Promotion of the project, English text description - ilih1997g
Maps - ADM_RUS

A team of testers:
RGV1 Michael34 DarkElfe skif_89 androon-cool Dragon_ua Ivan12345 @ Uzer DrMonaLisa ADM_RUS
NagvalRus Axel ilih1997g

Special thanks to:
Shieldwolf Mr.UNleash TRIPLNICKLE

We express our appreciation for the promotion of mod
DrMonaLisa and site Easywinclan.com

The mod is used:
Models of the authors of the site Civfanatics.com

Models of the mods for Rome Total War:
Ogniem i Mieczem

In the mod used patch Empire Earth II: The Art of Supremacy Unofficial patch 1.1

NEW in version 9 Mod Empire Earth 4 (short description)

Made from scratch line units 1-5 epoch in mod.
Added 300 new models, descriptions, icons and names.
Each new unit has its own performance characteristics.
It is a, for 1-5 periods.
Starn playable in 1-5 epochs:
Russia, England, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, USA, Babylon, Egypt, Turkey.

About the country:

Russia: 1-4 Scythians, 5 Slavs.
Germany: 1-4 Germans, 5 Huns.
French: 1-4 Gauls, 5 Francs.
England: 1-4 Brits, 5 Saxons.
Rome: 1-3 Rome, 4 Roman Empire, 5 Western Roman Empire.
Greece: 1-3 Greek city-states, 4 Macedonia, 5 Eastern Roman Empire
America: 1-4 Carthage, 5 Spain.
Egypt: 1-4 Egypt, 5 Berbers.
Babylon: 1-2 Babylon, 3-4 Babylon satrapies, 5 Sassanids
Turkey: 1-2 Persia, 3-4 Persian Empire, 5 Persian state.

Each country is gaining some type of unit (computer player).
New types of units in 1-5 epochs:

A warrior with an ax, a mace, ax, two-handed sword (increased attack),
The peasants with knifes.

Warriors with spears - all have a bonus against cavalry:
Spearman - the usual spear, a range of attacks
Hoplite, a long spear, vyoskaya defense, attack range 2. More efficient to build in the phalanx.
Sarissofor very long spear, attack range 3. More efficient to build in the phalanx.
Peasants with pitchforks.

Slingers - hurl stones, attack range and killing power is average, are available at an early age
Skirmishers - metal darts, attack range is low, but high value attacks
Archers - Range of attack is high, setting the average attack
Axe Throwers - a very short range attack, setting a very high attack
Throwers lit heads - an attack on the area, short range attack, high attack option. The heads light up in the fall.


Horse swordsman and horseman with an ax - the standard cavalry, there is a bonus in the construction of a wedge.
Horse cavalry spearman standard, there is a bonus in the construction of a wedge.
Horse Archer
Horse skirmisher - throwing darts.
Katafrakt - a very large parameter of life, but low speed.

The women - soldiers with axes. Inspire the troops. Engage in the Town Hall.
Druids - inspire troops. Employed in the temples.
Berserkers - inspire troops.
Chariot serponosnye - melee.
Chariots with archers, or darts.
Elephants melee.
Elephants with towers archers
Spartan hoplites. - Increased attack and setting life. Expensive and long construction.
Farmers - the units employed in the Town Hall.

For each country, made his officer-bearer, on the basis historical prototype.

Made line of the ships for 1-5 epoch, as well as icons and names.
All ships can transport troops.
All ships can take each other on the board.
Russia, Greece and England have a unique marine units.
All countries are gaining new ships.
General types of ships:
The Raft (1 period)
Birema (the most powerful ship)

Other types of:
Galley with catapult - for fire coast.
Viking ship, and the Rus - maneuverable military landing craft.
Greek galley, attacking the Greek fire.
Made line of siege equipment epoch of 1-5.
All countries are gaining a new siege equipment.
Siege equipment was very effective.
Heavy Onager catapults and efficient against buildings.
Light balista and a scorpion - rapid and effective for land units (one shot - one kill)
In the game, new scenarios and campaigns.
4 campaigns, total 60 new scenarios.
Made an important thing for a game:
Reduced the number of buildings in territory
Added text descriptions to the existing units. The work continues.

Improved icons of existing units. The work continues.
8. New boot screen at startup when you start the game and map editor.
Icon for MOD. Several other minor changes.
Now when you start the single player or multiplayer will not show the original units, and by appropriate icons of the nation.

New, more realistic surface texture maps for the tropics.

Added new map

Added a new type of map generation. It replaces the old type of card - Big Island.
Now the maps are generated are not predictable. In 7 out of 10 cases - it is plain from the bays. Territory on this map are large.

New units 9 version you can find in game encyclopedia.

Preview Image
Empire Earth 4 (Mod) v9.0 (English and Russian)
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therminator Feb 11 2012 says:

i'ts liks me a nice game, zo do i download this mod :D:D:D:D:d

+1 vote     reply to comment
UNSC_SCOUT Mar 12 2012 says:

I get the new loading screens, but nothing else changes. Same units. Any help is appreciated

+1 vote     reply to comment
rgv1 Author
rgv1 Mar 13 2012 says:

You installed mod for the game Empire Earth 2 - Art of Sypremacy?
Need gold version of the game. Start with EE2X.exe

+1 vote   reply to comment
B1GBaNaNNa Mar 18 2012 says:

i cant start it because mssll23.exe is missing what im i dong worng?

+1 vote     reply to comment
tufting Mar 28 2012 says:

Hi RGV1, great work, glad to see someone reviving this brilliant game.
I love the use of Medieval Total War units :D

I have installed this mod, but if i recruit some of the new units the game crashes, it also crashes if i select them in the map editor.

Is there more files i need to download, or is there another fix for this?

Thanks in advance.

+1 vote     reply to comment
rgv1 Author
rgv1 Mar 29 2012 replied:

"new units the game crashes,"
Mod does not support Lightning Detail - High. It works properly only at LOW setting.
You may need to install, and other settings to minimum.
The problem is the graphics card,
the programming code - is correct. Set all settings to minimum, and then gradually increase.

+1 vote   reply to comment
tufting Mar 29 2012 says:

Thanks very much for your help, good fast reply :)
Simply changing the lightning detail to low solved the problem.

Another small question...
Do you know if it is possible to get the Empire Earth 1 music into Empire Earth 2?

Thanks again

+1 vote     reply to comment
rgv1 Author
rgv1 Mar 30 2012 replied:

No, unfortunately I do not know how to edit files Empire Earth 1. Perhaps the music of the Empire Earth 1 can be found in the Internet - then I could put it in a mod. However, I have not listened to it entirely.

+1 vote   reply to comment
tufting Mar 30 2012 says:

Ok, I looked at the music files in EE1, but they seem in a different format and I can't open them.

But, I found lots of videos on youtube of the music, like this one: ww.youtube.com/watch?v=EldoYcew7H0&feature=relmfu

I was thinking, if I use a website to get the music from that video, like this: ww.youtube-mp3.org

I should be able to rename the file and copy it into the EE2 files... Would the game only recognise the names of the files that are already there?

PS, I had to take of a "w" from the websites above, I have not been a member long enough to add links. Add a "w" to the start :P

+1 vote     reply to comment
rgv1 Author
rgv1 Mar 30 2012 replied:

Would the game only recognise the names of the files that are already there?
the names of the files that are already there - Yes. You can just replace the music. It must have same name as the original game.

+1 vote   reply to comment
tufting Mar 30 2012 says:

Thanks I thought that's how it would be.

Thanks again for this mod, very good work :D

+1 vote     reply to comment
dark_general Jul 30 2012 says:

can you give us the download link?

+1 vote     reply to comment
SpecterZeo Sep 11 2012 says:

The installer won't even start. Any ideas?

+2 votes     reply to comment
skaylor Nov 29 2012 says:

rome total war skins,medieval 2 total war skins,empire total war skins you all right.
hey if you work on the mod some more so please work on new nations,america additions and lot of work on the graphics system

please let me know and reply quick

+2 votes     reply to comment
Maryland(Peru) Dec 26 2012 says:

Hey, The game keeps crashing on me and i really like playing it, can i get help?

0 votes     reply to comment
Argorin500st Jun 1 2013 says:

How do one get the mod if it is ona site where everything is in russian language and i want the english version of the mod but its still russian language on the site where it says that and i dont understand a thing?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Galacticruler Jul 6 2013 replied:

run the site through google translate.

Anyway, I can't seem to download it at either site.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Jul 11 2013 says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

zanrivers Jul 13 2013 says:

can you upload this awesome mods to another link such a putlocker etc so we can play it to

+1 vote     reply to comment
CaptainDarius Sep 30 2013 says:

Hi,rgv1. I've downloaded the mod from it's original site and I have 2 questions . First: do I need to install anything else or just the files in the download ? Second:I have installed the english version of the mod but some texts in the game are still in russian . Can I fix that ? But anyway your mod is very awesome and I really like it . Thanks

+1 vote     reply to comment
TheHyneman Oct 7 2013 says:

The mod's broken from what I can tell, the devs abandoned it as well... pity :|

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest May 14 2014 says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Guest May 16 2014 says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

ryancup123 May 26 2015 says:

Crashes whenever I start a skirmish.

EAX:00000000h ESI:07f12be8h
EBX:00000000h EDI:00000000h
ECX:05617fd8h EBP:0000000bh
EDX:07a2cf24h ESP:0038fa70h
EIP:0076d00ah EID:00000000h
SS: 0000002bh CS: 00000023h
DS: 0000002bh FS: 00000053h
ES: 0000002bh GS: 0000002bh
Flags: 00210216h CF:0 PF:1 AF:1 ZF:0 SF:0 OF:0

+2 votes     reply to comment
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