Most people who played Mafia have heard of the popular mod for Mafia called "Modern Mod". Well i downloaded the mod a couple of months ago and i got started putting more content into it and more and more. Soon i put some of the files from Crantell City mod into the modern mod and now i got a mod that looks like a fully real modern city. I just want to share my creation with all of you. Here are the mods i used. Modern Mod v2.0- A mod which brings Mafia:City of Lost Heaven to modern times. The authors are the "Modern Mod Team". Cantrell city mod- a mod which brings the city to modern times with a new story and all. The author is ESAUL. Mafia Trees Project-Changes trees from 2d to 3D author is fOWNER So with these mods i was able to make the city of Lost Heaven go from the 1930's to the 2000's!!!!! I give all the credit to the people who made the original content a few years back when those mods where released.

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Starting over

Starting over

Nov 23, 2012 0 comments

Well it has been a extremely long time since i updated this mod, but i have some good news! Well since i got my new video card (MSI Nvidia Geforce GT...

New upgrade for my computer

New upgrade for my computer

Sep 6, 2012 0 comments

I recently just got a new video card for my system. It is the Nvidia Geforce GT 630 2gb DDR3 video memory. I will be able to upload a lot of videos of...



May 24, 2012 2 comments

Hello everyone i want to ask how good is your computer performance in your mod. Im just curious cause i usually lag down to 15 fps(frames per second...

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