Don`t play with HELL - Black Edition (official abbreviation: DPWH-BE) is a single-player story-based FPS game in the DOOM universe of ID Software. Creating DPWH-BE, the author wanted to demonstrate to the world DOOM community a new quality of gameplay and visuals that became possible due to the latest updates of GZDoom 3+.

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I think that the current complaints about the mod are somewhat uncalled-for. I can understand that people don't like Black Edition but to give a straight 1/10 for that one reason without considering what other things it has to offer is just childish. Anyway, let's get to the review...

It's quite awesome to see the quality that community-driven work can have, if there is something that I found outstanding in this mod is the level design, there are sections which could be described as "Doom 3-ish", such as part where you have to traverse the surface of Mars while maintaining an eye on your oxygen reserves. You will also encounter certain bits of "lore" of the station though holographic signs scattered throughout the levels which explain backstory of the events of the game. The hell and cave sections of the mod I found to be wonderfully designed, if this was a horror game I could have even get spooked with the ambience; specially when the Revenants are introduced (I actually was spooked when this happened, but mostly because I ONLY had a couple of shotgun shells and less than 10 HP lol) and this leads to a point which is also worth mentioning, in certain aspects the mod is somewhat survival horror oriented, ammo is scarce, enemies hit hard and can take large large fractions of your magazine to kill. All these elements also have an impact on the pacing which the mod has, certainly you're not supposed to play this like you would play vanilla Doom, it's good to stop and look around, read the holograms, investigate and search for stuff, time your attacks and aim precisely. I put a 9 and not a 10 mostly because of small flaws and bugs I found through the mod, for example the screen gets permanently stuck at a certain angle after being tackled by a Pinky, forcing you reload a save or die to get back to normal.

It's quite a shame that this mod has only a prologue so far, I hope the mod creator doesn't give up and continue to work and completes it, there's TONS of potential for it.

Black Edition is a disgusting sh1t. Why you force us to seeing this?

Only for monsters and weapons of the internal mod: Brutal DooM black edition. Hugh......


Black edition?! Get the hell out of here shithead.


The thing it's tied to a specific gameplay mod is ridiculous.


Epic Mod

Great graphics and nice atmosphere. Though I got stuck quite soon. Could not open the air locks.


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Please, release your mappack without that mod you're using. It's really awful.


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It's pretty awesome to me to be honest. No idea why all the bad reviews are for. It is really odd because none of them explain anything as to why other than "that it sucks" soooooo. From watching videos and thinking it was cool and then downloading it. It really is awesome and the bad reviews are retarded I think. It's a Doom we needed something with a story line and new level design and all that.

i don't know why some people are ******** on this mod, i may not be very well informed of how this mod were made. but if i were to note it purely based on the work and experience i had playing it i'd say that it was a wonderfull doom experience. quite different from what you usually get.

the mod and the attached map feels like a high quality singleplayer mini campaign. it deserve to be tested and enjoyed.

_good map and environment.
_story driven mod (not just run and shoot).
_nice use of the dynamic lights.
_nice oxygen sustem when you re outside on mars.
_the only downside may be the high difficulty and the sometime maze like map.

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Epic mod 10/10

Aug 16 2017 by FanProgrammer