The game starts when Dolores in a dream wakes up and finds herself in the childhood home she left behind all those years ago. As she starts to wander around the big southern style mansion memories from the past, she thought she had left behind, keeps appearing before her.

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The game is broken...
I see a gravity gun unlike what is shown in the pictures.
Its playable til you go into one of the basement areas and get stuck by an invisible wall.

I do not know what is wrong here.
Was really quite disappointed when I got to see the gravity gun and a bunch of manhacks...

not quite what I wanted to see, according to the mod video :(


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What a great horror gem among all the half-life mods. This was brilliant.
Honestly, I do not understand the bad ratings. I can strongly recommend this mod.

This mod was once very much playable and creepy as hell.

Unfortunately, it appears to be broken permanently after the may 2010 update.

I remember being on edge when I played this back in 2008, with the blinds drawn and my room submerged in darkness. The level design was top-notch and the atmosphere was wonderfully smothering and even scary when I progressed further and further into the mansion to uncover it's secrets.

It's all nostalgia now, as I am one of the few who managed to play it before it all broke. I suppose that's why I look back at it so fondly now, what with me being one of the few who fully appreciated the work before everything turned into man-hacks and gravity guns.

It really is a shame I cannot share this experience with anyone else anymore. This mod was once a beauty :(

My score is based purely on how far I got to play. The level is clearly well-designed, and despite the gravity gun detracting immesely from the overall immersion, it's still an ominous and very atmospheric game.

... Unfortunately, I seem to have hit a glitch, where some insivisble barrier is blocking me from going through the basement. Would like advice from someone who knows how to get past it please.

quite good :D


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