Desolated - The Crying Fate is a Total Conversion based on Doom 3. It comes with a complete new storyline about the shade between good and evil plus two other gamemodes. A quest-, rpg- and moneysystem are just a few of the many new game mechanics that will await you. If you want to see everything you'll need at least 7-8 hours... but let the game speak for itself, download and have fun playing!

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This is an introducing News-Item for the Desolated: The Crying Fate Modification.

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 Hello at all,

this is going to be the first News-Item for the moddb Page. First I think it would be great to introduce the modification itself a little bit.
Desolated is a single- and multiplayer modification, but sp and mp are very different and have nothing to do with each other except the name "Desolated". The MP-Part, called "Daze", is developed by SKrog and this SP-Part is developed by my person, DaveTheFreak. My first modification was “Hell Island” which a few of you might know and this is my second project. Me and my small team are working now since one and a half year on this project and it's done to more than 50%. This mod is going to be a big modification for us, though the play time will not be that much because of the small team, maybe 5 hours. But what is Desolated: TCF about? It's a modification for Doom 3 which will change a lot of things, particles, skins and so on and so forth. Also new stuff will be implemented, so it's not only a map-pack, it'll be a real Modification. The main aspect is the story, which will handle with the good and evil complex in a different way, for more, read the summary.
Now to the team; there is SKrog who's making the MP part, but actually, that has nothing to do with “The Crying Fate”. Then there's MacX, our Scripter and Coder, he's doing all the things that are too high for us to master, e.g. the money system etc. Next member is René, our story writer, who's writing, what else, the story. Now he wrote nearly 30-40 pages and when it's finished, it'll have 100 pages. So, the story will be very complex and everyone's got to think about it. Well, another member is DamianS who's helping me out with a map for this project, first he made the "Worst Place on Earth"-Demo. And the last person is me, DaveTheFreak, the mapper and leader of this modification, I do nearly all, except coding and higher scripting, that's what MacX is for.
But there are also some friends of ours who help(ed) us doing this work, first to mention is Doomi who realized the "In Hell" modification for Doom 3, as well. If I don't have enough time to create models, he's helping, also he knows how to do other things, e.g. skyboxes and so on and so forth. Maha_x sponsored the bloom and some other graphical tweaks, so I'm also gonna thank him. Maybe a few of you have heard about Shamino and his maps, he's sponsoring a lot of textures so we can better continue working.
Last thing for this news item is how the mod is going on. Well, now it's more time to do some kind of "advertising", the new website is on same as the media-content. We're, or I'm, trying to get some people get to know this project. But if that's over, the work, especially the level-design and modeling, will continue very well. So what else to say, hope you like that mod and wait for the release in 2008.


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