Facing impossible odds, a team of survivors are cornered against the unstoppable poltergeist horde! Defend yourself as they spawn terrifying monsters, possess players, and wreak havoc in their quest to destroy every survivor! Spot out the demon's shadow to uncover where they're hiding, but make sure you find a flash light, or you'll be trapped in the dark! Team work is essential if you want to survive. Stick together, share ammo, and destroy the poltergeist horde in Demons Vs Humans!

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Attack them my pretties. We didnt get a flying monkey, but we're excited with our new spider.

Posted by gladers on Sep 1st, 2010

This month has brought about loads of updates, the game play has been constantly updated to get it playing as well as possible with the focus on having something thats very fun to play for both teams.

The teams are now even due to a weapon and flashlight director. This balanced the game by limiting weapon and ammo or adding more powerful weapons to the map if the humans arent doing so well. The game balancing director will allow the humans or the demons to be hugely out numbers and still provide as even a match as possible. The weapons are randomly placed to keep the game randomised each round.

We have so much in WIP not shown we'll have an exciting update for next week (hands and a knife are on the way). Some new demon abilities are in progress and still to come. And for those people scared of spiders theres a rat on the way too, and I'll add a spiderless server option to just play with rats on server.

We're rounding off our features for this first release (coming soon, beta testers welcome!), but we're now collecting ideas for the 0.2 beta to start development straight after beta 1 release. We welcome your ideas for new demon abilities, familiar ideas and human team weapons in the message box below, add credit to your favorite ideas and the highest one I'll try to get in the mod asap.

I'll start you guys off with one.

"Demons get to play as other demons familiars when they die"

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Gradius Sep 3 2010 says:

Looks really good, obviously you've got some obvious tweaks left like hiding the spider's world model in first person (since legs clipping through the screen arnt so hot) and the aforementioned nightvision material but I can really see all your work has paid off.

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xXMaNiAcXx Sep 3 2010 says:

Wow, the game looks really nice, good to know that you are really working hard on the mod, (I would like to a beta tester xD), and for ideas...
Let's see...
For weapons, making an assault rifle, a fireaxe and a new model and sounds for the shotty would be awesome.

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Dragon-Guard Sep 3 2010 says:

hmm, why have 2 different pets like that and not use them?
Why not give the player the option to use either pet ingame and switch as they like (but only having 1 at a time) and give them different stats?

as an example:

long jumping ability
Low health
High damage
slower then the rat
the ability to stick to walls(would be awesome, first people never look up so a spider stuck on a high roof would be an awesome ambush)
the ability to place a "web" or a string that gets players stuck or slowed for x seconds, allowing you to toss an object with a higher hit chance.

Faster then the spider
Cant jump as far
high health
Low damage
hitting with a rat jump has a knockback effect, like getting hit by a fast zombie in hl2, that pushes the player back a bit
Becomes invisible when staying still outside of direct light.

something along those lines, i mean, if you want to put both in anyway give players both pets to use ^^
the spider would become a more ambush/hit and run pet while the rat would be more of a tanking pet that forces the player to move the way the demon wants. (would be used to ambush oc, say you would place a rat in a corcer near that elevator shaft, if it has transparency it would be near invisible, a player comes running past it and you push him back, dropping him into the shaft.)

Also, i was wondering, how many shows can a pet take? does the damage you do to a possessed pet transfer to the demon thats possessing him?
And what happens when the pet dies? i can imagine a demon just hiding somewhere safe and just using his pet all the time if he doesn't get any damage and can just use his pet without a limit.

Srry for the wall of text btw ^^

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gladers Author
gladers Sep 5 2010 replied:

Have you been reading my mind? Great ideas :)

A demon camping spawning off pets, good or bad thing? Brings a new breed of camping into the game. A (or another) demon still has to be up close to make a finishing kill or the player wont die.

Whatever the players finds the most fun I suppose :)

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Mr.Walrus Sep 3 2010 says:

What was the song you used for the video?

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gladers Author
gladers Sep 4 2010 replied:

Song was by Paul Graham - Riots Music, made especially for DvH :D

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gladers Author
gladers Sep 4 2010 replied:

Spider song at the end also by Paul Graham for DvH :)

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Dragon-Guard Sep 4 2010 replied:

btw just wondering.
What does the white light to you if you step into it?

i remember there were some different things said on one of the first screens that you posted, but in the end what does it do to you? :D

I also would like to apply as a tester if you still need people :)
The other mod i was mapping for died so i got some free time again ^^

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jumpinjax Sep 5 2010 replied:

The white areas takes chunks out of the humans health when stood in it, and the white areas are used as spawn points for demons.

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Croco15 Sep 4 2010 says:

Awesome as always man! That's some sexy content. Anyways, keep up the good work! I'm looking forward to this!

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