Facing impossible odds, a team of survivors are cornered against the unstoppable poltergeist horde! Defend yourself as they spawn terrifying monsters, possess players, and wreak havoc in their quest to destroy every survivor! Spot out the demon's shadow to uncover where they're hiding, but make sure you find a flash light, or you'll be trapped in the dark! Team work is essential if you want to survive. Stick together, share ammo, and destroy the poltergeist horde in Demons Vs Humans!

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Anywhere [OLD] Demons Vs Humans - HL2 Modeller / Mappers Required at Flashlight Games Studio

demons vs humans - hl2 modeller / mappers required flashlight games studio anywhere artists demons vs humans is getting pretty close to completion now, the mod is fun and playable in its current state and has been a good teamwork and fun building and playing the mod thus far. we're looking for modellers and more mappers for our first release in september: http://www.moddb.com/mods/demons-vs-humans we have a headcrab model that needs remodelling into another unique demonic creature. the player can control this as seen in the video. thanks, please pm or reply below

Anywhere [OLD] 3D Modeler required for Demons VS Humans at Flashlight Games Studio

3d modeler required for demons vs humans flashlight games studio anywhere artists hi! we're getting some good progress with the demons vs humans hl2 mod, we're at the stage where 3d modelers / skinners are now required to join our exciting and origional mod. we have put a lot of hard work in to creating a unique mod with a lot of new and fun gameplay ideas, and we're almost ready to release a first beta to the world (we have had a lot of playtesters join in to steer the game throughout development, and they've had a lot of fun throughout the process). please visit our mod db page for more details: http://www.moddb.com/mods/demons-vs-humans i have some clear and consise ideas for the mod and how we can replace the demon teams headcrab models for something more inline with the demons pet monsters for the game. the human team have some good weapons that need new models and the human team just needs reskinning. pm if you're interested or want more information. cheers, alex

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