Déjà Vudu is a Source mod where the player is trapped inside a mansion with voodoo spirits and must uncover the mysteries hidden in the surroundings.

Review RSS Feed AmusedPlatypus says
9 AmusedPlatypus

Aug 24th, 2012 0 people agree 0 people don't

Quite honestly, the design in this game is amazing. Everything has so much life to it.

Koki1oki says
7 Koki1oki

Apr 18th, 2014

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NorilskFilin says
9 NorilskFilin

Sep 15th, 2013

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Starvation says
9 Starvation

Jul 2nd, 2013

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modderriffic says
8 modderriffic

Apr 18th, 2013

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*memory-on-Goldberg* says
10 *memory-on-Goldberg*

Dec 25th, 2012

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S!C says
7 S!C

Sep 8th, 2012

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Fast_Train says
8 Fast_Train

Aug 24th, 2012

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Numennes says
1 Numennes

Aug 7th, 2012

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