Deadlock is a World War I scenario and the first total conversion for Making History. Features: - All countries of the WW1 era, including their flags, art set, politic map, armies and foreign relations. - New units, including Assault Infantry, Lancers, WW1 tanks, WW1 planes, Airships, Seaplane Tenders and Torpedo Boats. New 3d models. - Units’ stats, economy and provinces adapted for WW1. More than 30 new cities. - New technology tree. - Important events of the WW1, like Russian Revolution, Arab Revolt, Irish Easter Rising and Finnish Civil War.

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Feb 25th, 2013

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Sep 21st, 2012

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Feb 9th, 2012

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Oct 8th, 2010

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Jun 14th, 2010

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Jun 5th, 2010

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May 21st, 2010

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Jan 15th, 2010

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Aug 3rd, 2009

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Jul 22nd, 2009

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