PvP in the zombie apocalypse. Limited resources. Endless zombies. Last team alive wins.

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Anywhere [OLD] C++ Programmer for innovative HL2DM PvPvE mod at The DEADLOCK Team

c++ programmer for innovative hl2dm pvpve mod the deadlock team anywhere programmers deadlock is a pvp mod set in the zombie apocalypse. two human teams compete for scarce resources, attacking one another and defending themselves from waves of npc zombies. last team standing wins. we had a great start over the summer, developing succinct design goals, a bit of production infrastructure, concept art, a few character models, and getting the foundational code work done. we're getting the ball rolling again, and are in need of a coder. this is a project with a great deal of potential. we've got some great ideas and a lot of talent. if you're looking for a legitimate passion project and you've got ~10 hours a week to spare, check us out. prior hl2dm modding and/or svn experience is a plus.

Anywhere [OLD] Web Designer at The DEADLOCK Team

web designer the deadlock team anywhere web/other we're looking for a talented web designer to join the team! we've got two web developers, professionals with php/mysql/dojo/jquery/as/objective-c/css/ajax and whatnot. our vision is pretty extensive, and we aim to set a new standard for game communities. the site will be integrated with the game, ideally via the steam browser, to facilitate a karma system, a smart tutorial, and a continuous play experience. what we need is a web designer who is skilled with photoshop and flash. no money, just good people and great ideas. check us out here on http://www.moddb.com/mods/deadlock

Anywhere [OLD] 3d Character Artist needed to bring Awesome concept art to life! - Click to see! at The DEADLOCK Team

3d character artist needed to bring awesome concept art to life! - click to see! the deadlock team anywhere artists deadlock is a pvpve mod being developed for the source platform in the l4d zombie-apocalypse vein. our team is composed almost exclusively of people in or breaking into the game industry. we've been working for nearly four months now, half of that time spent carefully hammering out the game design. we have a large cast of characters that need to be brought into 3d. our standards are pretty competitive - we'd like the models to be as literal a translation of the concept art as possible. modeling sheets are in production. you need to be able to texture your own work; we have animators to rig and animate. the characters are quite diverse and will require slightly different animations. for this reason, the character models are an unusually important component of the production pipe. the models will need to be completed first, and the textures can be polished afterward. we'd like to have a public beta available by september. http://www.moddb.com/mods/deadlock/images/farmer-wip-by-stefan-hansson#imagebox http://www.moddb.com/mods/deadlock/images/female-zombe-portrait-by-hannah-bving#imagebox for more details on the mod, swing through our forums: http://www.deadlockmod.com/forum/

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