The DarthMod improves significantly the AI and gameplay for the PC game "Total War: Shogun 2".

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Best shogun 2 mod there will probably ever be! :D

Schroedinger cleary hasn't played a totalwar game in his life as everybody knows the darthmod series are the best mod series out.

i enjoyed shogun but this was ten times better the unit scale is perfect and battles are much better.

Join the darkside and DOWNLOAD THIS NOW :D

Excellent mod, fixes and changes everything I considered wrong with the Vanilla game.

Awesome mod :)


Is Shogun 2 the best Total War out of the box? Absolutely. Does it need Darthmod for veterans? Also a yes.

I am not knocking on CA, they finally got their work together with Shogun 2. You're actually gonna be astonished at how polished it is. Smooth performance, tons of subtle detail (A pack of deers grazing around a bloody, gory battle is wow) and there are no bugs or bad AI to speak of.

But what Darthmod does is improve an already great foundation. It fixes the slow teching, it buffs economy so you're not broke, it makes unit sizes as big as CA promised on IGN interviews (500 man units, finally) it enhances animations and overall just POLISHES the experience. It doesn't change, alter, ruin, experiment or play with anything like the, still great, Darthmod Empire. For Shogun II it's truly like a fan patch.

I fully recommend Darthmod Shogun II to anybody after their full playthrough. It is, essentially, the epitome of how a community can make a great game perfect and it should not be missed out on. I only wish the launcher was a little more convenient, I can't tell if a setting is actually on or off besides from memory (A check box would be nice) and the lack of co-op campaign support stabley is sort of sad, but you can live with it by setting to failsafe default values.

Great mod, great team, great reviews, great base game--get this.

I've just bought Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai and I was terribly dissapointed by the way the AI Cheats and how the combat felt too fast and arcade like, with almost no room for real strategy.

Well, I am happy to say that this amazing mod fixed most, if not all the issues I had with the vanilla game.

The first version I tried was 3.8 and had no crashes or performance issues on my Tosa campaign, now on turn 120.

Keep up the great work Darth and may CA learn from you for ROME TOTAL WAR 2.

You guys, Join the Dark side and get this MOD!

Let the Exhilaration flow through you, give in to your tactics.

Enjoy epic battles, watch blood flow freely, Watch Clans rise and fall,
feel the might of the Computer, feel the change in age, watch the battle ensue, and best of all enjoy the Strategy.

This mod is for lack of words the most Perfect, Most Outstanding mod for Shogun II to ever be made.

Remember, if you dont get this mod, you are a part of the Rebel alliance and a traitor!

pretty awesome as expected with every darthmod. but i wish there weas more of a focus on the Fall of the Samuri expansion.

All of Darth Vader's mods are pretty good I very much enjoyed Rome (i could actually play the game without cheats because of it)

Shogun 2 was a pretty good game before this mod, I would have given it 9.5/10 but after this mod the original games standard fell significantly.

I bet A lot of people get this game simply to play this mod it's that good.

At this rate "total war" might as well give any new releases to Darth Vader and just let Darth and his team have there fun with it before they bother selling it because that's the only reason people don't get bored of the game after one campaign (or just offer them a job :P)

I am a huge fan of the total war series and this mod just makes shogun 2 my favorite total war game and has made my shogun experience the best it could possibly be. There is no other shogun 2 mod that would even come close to this mod. BEST MOD EVER!!!

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