This mod represents the theater of war, who survived an orbital bombardment, nuclear winter, the end of the world, ordering and democratization ... Dark'Sin sharper, darker and bloodier most mods. You will greyness, ruins, fires, radiation, anomalies of hell heresy and bad weather. Against this background will battle democratizers, Planetary Guardsmen, Elves sinters, Gangs of Chaos, and undead hordes dark Mutants. This six sides for online battles! In addition, the mod offers new stuff: 1) Units in full body armor, and with shields and power shild. 2) A unique weapon on the system triggers 3) Realistic anatomy system (animation wounds, bleeding, injury, self-mutilation, frostbite, radiation, infection, and even CWA mutations!) 4) The best implementation of zombies, demons, CW and CWA 5) turret and aggressive fauna units 6) Heroes and bosses 7) A unique technology and shagahod robots 8) Shaders and weather events 9) And the request do kill youself by head-strike on the wall. just do it!

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This mod clearly shows a lot of talent and effort has been put into it, there's enough content to make itself its own game and provides countless scenarios to make through the editor.


Lots of content, albeit of varying quality it is still fun to experiment with and test out using the editor and make your generic giant men of war battles except this time with strange new weapons that you won't know what they actually do until you use them. Very fun, I keep discovering new strange things every time I play.

every thing is so fun with this mod.
the only mod for mow which feature soo many units from science fiction univers.(demon, robot, high tech weapons, zombies, spacecraft, and so on...).
the campaign is hard and fun.
the muli is explosive :d.
the only thing i can complain about is that big robot animations, especially quadripode ones are crap. so -1.

still a must play mod to see what mow is capable of.

A very fun mod, great to play with friends, by yourself, and in the editor. Has a lot of variety and uses mechanics that we have only dreamed about in the MOW community. My only complaint is it should have more missions.

amazing mod!

From what I have played of this mod in its somewhat early stage it is really awesome to experience to play such a thing.
Everything is so well modelled, I love the new death animations they're so gruesome, kind of like real life.
The Mechs,bio suits are great as are the striders. (even if they do topple over)
Keep up the good work!


Great mod with enhanced gameplay and rigorous first campaign.


Best mod to mess around in the editor

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