Dark Room the Most Popular Amnesia the Dark Descent Custom Story to date is finally now on ModDB! "You know nothing of where you are from... Nor were you are going to... you just woke up in adark corridor... confused you will have to fight through your darkest fears to survive the horrors of Dark Room!"

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anthonyvanlunteren says

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i love the extra things they put in it like trololo, nyan cat and the other things. i enjoyed playing this and really recommend this.

This is the old classic custom story with a lot of trolling, nyan cats and besides, it's peanut butter jelly time. You can't be criticising the classic stuff. But seriously, trolling custom stories are usually dumb, but this one's not. It's short and made for fun.

WOW 10/10! A review must be entered to justify such a high rating.

No story, no lantern, bad spelling, I give you a 3 for effort.

Made me laugh I guess that was the point of it so I say it's alright

It's the best custom story that i have ever played but where is dark room 2 ???

Cool mod!!!

Its Cool And Stuff But Need More Work Not Saying That Its Bad But Please Make it Better

I don't understand popularity of this mod :D


Zerlex says

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Nice custom story, but, a story line, even bad, could be appreciated....

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