Dark Room the Most Popular Amnesia the Dark Descent Custom Story to date is finally now on ModDB! "You know nothing of where you are from... Nor were you are going to... you just woke up in adark corridor... confused you will have to fight through your darkest fears to survive the horrors of Dark Room!"

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Larback says

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Starts out really slow and eary, but after the "trolling" sequence, it gets really fun!
Also, really old memes ahead, even for the time that it was realeased.


Adake says

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Quite entertain


Well, that was fun. I didn't read any descriptions and was surprised, I didn't expect game to be that "dark". lmao


Not my kind of story..


Great and FUNNY!!!


StevenTasiopulos says

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I am not going to review this like any other serious scary mod because it's not any of that.This was a short fun expirience with new stuff and hillarious moments.Good job.

It was Hilarious, I did feel that it was too short, but it very fun for what I got.

Two encounters was-The Actual Encounter ones anyway-well put to use and very fun.

Most other rooms felt empty and unused. Maybe if there was more things in each room that interested me that wouldn't be problematic.

This story is basically a short fun ride.
That's it for me.


anthonyvanlunteren says

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i love the extra things they put in it like trololo, nyan cat and the other things. i enjoyed playing this and really recommend this.

This is the old classic custom story with a lot of trolling, nyan cats and besides, it's peanut butter jelly time. You can't be criticising the classic stuff. But seriously, trolling custom stories are usually dumb, but this one's not. It's short and made for fun.

No story, no lantern, bad spelling, I give you a 3 for effort.

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