Earth Defence Forces leader has been killed just when a strange artifact has been uncovered. Therefore Duke goes to investigate this at the EDF center. In the meantime, experiments on the artifact reveals its ability to teleport in space and time.

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NESfag says

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Absolutely great, this episode is everything I want to see in Duke Nukem 3D.

All the maps feel very classic in terms of layout and gameplay, and it's executed in a way that shows the mapper understood exactly everything that made the original game good and executed it in a digest way that plays around the classics. The dose of realism in the detailing is spot on, there is just enough to make it look good and believable while not restraining gameplay. Architecture and shading are great and varied.

Past the first couple of levels, more originality is also brought in terms of theme and location, which keeps the experience fresh. There is even a bit of Quake influence that fits surpringsly well.
The mapper also uses some new textures (which he probably made himself) that fit perfectly, some of them are even based on some textures of the original game and the average player wouldn't even notice it is new textures.

A very overlooked and underrated episode. Play it!

A very underrated.


Mikko_Sandt says

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