The World is at war. Who's or what is the technology used? ... ... Mega Corp. A sinister Corporation bent on continuing the war efforts of the UN and the shady faction 'Last Settlers'... The UN hatches a scheme of scanning over Mega Corp's Head Locations, slowly destroying the corporation's roots. Will the UN Succeed in reuniting the world? Will 'Last Settlers' get what they want? Will Mega Corp succeed in enslaving Humankind with Danmaku Technology?

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Here are somethings I plan to do with mod from this point on.

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I've done what I've supposed to do. Now, I'll just have to deal with making Rocket Rangers.
Tell me if there's something else you want me to do.
Removing Particle Cannon, replacing with Tomahawk Storm.

Abandoning Laser Rangers, instead, I'll do Gauss Rangers and have them place Ionic Charges.
An Avenger that's also a transport.
Re-arm Temperance's weapon system.

MOAB Carpet Bomb is fixed.
What else?
Going to replace her paradrop with Cluster Bombing specials.

New skin for Redguard. Or just a new model?
Fixing prerequisites.
New Model for Efreet Missile
What else?

More infantry, needs new model for grenadier.
Nuke Cannon won't be Nuclear-based anymore, but just HE.
Also, removing Nuke Silo. Replacement is ????

Needs new RedGuard model. basically just change the gun to a handheld grenade launcher.
Dragon Tank shoots nuke waste....
New Model for WipeOut Missile

Need more ideas for stuff.

Need more ideas for stuff.
New model for Scorpion- now called Copperhead.
New Model for Annihilator Death Storm.

Need more ideas for stuff.
New model for Scorpion- now called Cobra.
New Skin for Nuke Missile Silo.


This may be a bit late, but I have some suggestions :)

- Infantry general can have a big rocket barrage launcher for his superweapon
- Demolition General needs mobile trap maker
- Toxin General could have toxin grenadiers that throw toxic grenades
- Stealth could have tunnel digger
- Stealth could have some kind of ambush weapon like a towed anti tank gun
- Maybe a type of infantry that can deploy into a static machine gun position (similar to the GIs in Red Alert 2)

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