The World is at war. Who's or what is the technology used? ... ... Mega Corp. A sinister Corporation bent on continuing the war efforts of the UN and the shady faction 'Last Settlers'... The UN hatches a scheme of scanning over Mega Corp's Head Locations, slowly destroying the corporation's roots. Will the UN Succeed in reuniting the world? Will 'Last Settlers' get what they want? Will Mega Corp succeed in enslaving Humankind with Danmaku Technology?

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Basically a bunch of Ideas I've settled. Although I think I'm going to need the help of some people now(rather than working alone).

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>No colorful stuff this time.
>I know that was trippy.

Anyway. Here's a list:
-More Personalized Units for Subfactions(especially Infantry).
Rangers will be armed with Miniguns(AirForce)
Rangers will be carrying shrunken laser turrets(or maybe just a new gun, Laser)
Redguards will be wearing masks(Tank)
Redgaurds carrying boomsticks(I know, it's sounds silly, Nuke)
Rebels carrying shotguns(Demo)
and etc...
-Boss General TOTAL Makeover.
Cyberkinetic Marines
Javelin Troopers
Tengu(or Winged Demons, if you're not fond of the Japanese content)
A whole different Vehicle Set.
Heavy Tank MBT
L.O.T.U.S. Tank
Quad Gattling
Sniper Tank
Super Fortress
A whole different Aerial Set.
Winters Super-Heli
Smithers Super-Heli
A new Superweapon. - This is one of the more harder things to do.
-Stray Units that need a place:
-High-Altitude MRLS
-Needing a model.
-Something with Orbs and things.

New General's Powers(gonna make)
-Airborne- AirForce
-Carpet Cluster Bomb- AirForce
-Shu-Ov21 Drop- Tank
-Shell Shock- Tank
-Uchiseki Dome Drop- Nuclear
-Terrorist Ambush- Demolitions
-Elite Jihad Warrior Ambush- Stealth
-Contaminator Bomb- Toxin

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