Previously known as the 'Faction Fronts Mod', Clear Skies is a large scale modding initiative, to re-design and expand S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky. With the umbrella motive of creating a realistic, graphically superior and entertaining hybrid of the original game concept. Built from the best works the stalker clear sky modding community has to offer, along with the personal works of members from 828 studios. Clear Skies is an all inclusive package, designed towards a single vision, with a consistent level of quality and attention to detail.

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Within the next week we are going to be releasing the v0.25 alpha here on moddb. Please take note that we will not be releasing the alpha with a feature outline manual. The main purpose of this release is to present what we have put together thus far to the community, also to do some extended bug testing before moving on with development of the mechanics.

The mod will be uploaded to the downloads section of this profile. A giant button will also be added to the description linking to the download. If we release updates, they are going to be placed in a public dropbox folder. An announcement following an update will be made here on moddb, notifying all of you about the updates.

In the mean time, install your copies of stalker clear sky and patch them up to 1.5.10.

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Jul 14th, 2013