C#raft is a custom minecraft server written in C#. This is a rewrite from the ground up and not a wrapper around the original java server. It will offer increased performance over the original server, making use of mult-threading and mult-core technologies.

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C#raft is a open source server written in C# from the ground up for Minecraft beta. This is not a wrapper around the Java server. We aim to offer increased performance making use of multi-threading / multi-core technologies.

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Our current state is Pre-Alpha - this means that not everything is implemented and there are wonderful issues awaiting.

We are aiming for an Alpha around the end of November / beginning of December.

The alpha is codenamed - Make a stable base, as of such not everything will be implemented in it.

What will be in alpha?
+ Mobs and AI
+ Creative mode - (In now)
+ Crafting - (In now)
+ Plugins - (Partially in now)
+ Map converter
+ Physics - (Partially in now)
+ WorldGen - (In now, needs tweaking)
+ Ores
+ Signs - (In now)
+ Fall damage, mob damage, fire damage, suffocation, drowning, cactus
+ Growing entities (plants trees etc) - (In now)

- Only one world
- Pistons / Redstone / Minecarts and Rails / Boats / Ridable objects not implemented
- Incorrect Weather
- Tnt
- Other things that you can think of.

Plugin support:
Yes!, we support plugins.
There are some events implemented already and you can indeed write a plugin in the current state of the server,
However the plugin architecture is still being developed so things could change.

Custom, Custom, Custom:
Recipes are read from an external file meaning that you can setup custom recipes ( 4 logs can make a diamond)
Smelting similar reads from an external file, meaning you can change what smelting yields. Smelt anything!
WorldGen will accept custom generators.

Thats right, there is permissions and its inbuilt, we will be extending it and providing some commands also.

IRC support:
Currently it is inbuilt to the server, however we will split it out into a plugin.

Sign text is stored externally allowing you to modify sign text, see who has been placing what etc.

Latest version can be found here: Goo.gl
CI server: Ci.c-raft.com (Choose login as guest)

Where we can be found:
Github : Github.com
Site : C-raft.com
Forums : C-raft.com
Irc : irc.esper.net:6667 #c#raft [WebChat]
Twitter: ChraftServer


This looks promising. I think you guys will revolutionize the minecraft servers :D

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ementalo Author

We have some "specials" things planned for beta ;D

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isnt all of this already in 1.8.1 / 1.9???? and when it comes to AI millenaire mod covers it

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ementalo Author

This is not a single player mod, but server software (like bukkit for example) so it will have the same features as Minecraft, however we are writing it in C# not java, and will not be tied to original server. There will be more customisablity (such as adding custom world generators as plugins) and we also hope to facilitate client mods easier then the current process

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This will be fun to play around with later :)

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Hopefully this becomes a standard as is bukkit and or spout, currently the server for MC is way tor esource hungry due to java imho, maybe this will also add much more flexibility for plugins for admins also as you say.

Look forward to the outcome!

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