ChAoS Racing Mod (short: crace) is a modification for BF2142, which convert the classic gameplay from 2142 into some mario kart / race mode. Features: new static objects for suez canal (like signs, borderlines), a race countdown, changed combatzone, new FAV skins, a new playerkit (all players have the same weapons), graphic enhancement, a pit lane and many more...

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This is a demonstration of how to install the crace mod and how to start it + some gameplay footage.
1. Download this mod from this page.
2. Run the installer called crace_10.exe and install the mod to your Battlefield 2142 Directory.
3. Use one of the two batch files called crace.bat and crace_widescreen.bat in your Battlefield folder to start the crace modification.
If you dont have one of this batch file start crace by using the parameter +modPath mods/crace
4. You will see 2 new intro videos and a "new" login screen, if you have done all correctly.
5. Login and go to the multiplayer tab -> network.
6. Choose the mode: Racing and select Suez Canal 64 players! Dont select any other mode!
7. Start the server.
8. If you have done all correctly, you can only spawn in the pit lane with always the same weapon.
9. By using the chat command: start crace
The racing will start in about 40 seconds and will give you a countdown.

Some other maybe interesting facts:

The best way to race is by using 2 players in one vehicle. One is the driver and the other one use his handweapons on the backseat to stop the other Fav's.

Dont jump out of your vehicle cause the changed combat zone will kill you immediatly at the track. You are only save at the pit lane.

Driving through the finish line will give the driver a point. That will be used to count the laps.

There is at this time now way to change the language from german to english, sry for that.

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