Mutants Revenge is Tiberium Wars mod that adds new Mutants faction to game and two sub-factions for each side of the conflict. This is probably the biggest mod making by the Polish Team...

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Preacher Tank - Screen No.1
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This tank was first seen during the operation in the Croatia, which purpose was to examinate the suspicious research-like looking complex. Some of the most valuable Brigadier Generals have filled the resignation forms after seeing the raw power of this war machine. No one could imagine how the hell could Brotherhood enhance plasma weaponry to that level and, what's more, how did they invent armour almost completely resistant to the GDI's most ferocious weapons- railguns. But this wasn't the most brainteasing mystery. This title refers to fact, that no one known, why haven't they used this power for such a long time. The most probable theory is that they didn't want to reveal their technologically superadvanced army before the time comes. The only known thing about Preacher Tanks is that the Brotherhood is surely not capable of mass production of them, as the only place where they were seen in big amount was the mentioned research facility.

Unlike the General Granger's staff thinks, the Preacher Tanks aren't the further development of the Scorpions. However, they have much in common with them. They are more like parallel line of development. They preserve the Nod thought of speed being the most valuable force of the tank. They can easily overrun Predators in that category. As it's weaponry it has mounted an array of two devastating plasma cannons, which burn through most types of armor like a knife into the butter. What a pity that low speed of the plasma projectile makes it completely ineffective against air-deployed units. The armour plates are made of a mysterious metallic material which is very resistant to energy discharge, and so on the plasma, lasers, railguns and particle cannons are not a good idea against it. However, the typical weapons like missiles, cannon shells and bombs inflict increased damage. And of course- the price of this devastating war machine is so big, that they aren't a common view on the battlefield.

Model by Quozix

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