Chivalry Total War is a historical modification of the game Rome: Total War. Its aim is to recreate the historical period of medieval Europe from 1072-1453 AD. The original purpose of the mod was to make a small medieval multiplayer mod that tried to capture the gameplay of Medieval: Total War. Since then the mod has turned into a Total Conversion(campaign, custom battles, historical battles etc.) are now converted into Chivalry's medieval setting.[shortened] 20 playable factions, timeframe is 1072-1223 AD.[shortened]Developed by the Chivalry Total War Team --->>> Update August 2013: As ChivTW is still attractive for many TW players, the mod version 1.051 is now re-uploaded (the original release was many years ago). Make sure to visit TWCenter, the ChivTW forum, for further info and updates/patches (a patch v1.07 is long available to patch over v1.051), submods and expansions /Greetings DaVinci

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Fenghuan says

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Amazing graphics , good sounds.

The mod is wonderful. Especially in multiplayer. Spears are good to stop cav charges. Swords are good vs spears. Maces are pretty good vs swords. Cav is amazing and siege weapons are very accurate :D


It was quite great even though I couldn't build my religious buildings (Christian) in Islamic cities.

Interesting gameplay, good variety of units, pretty graphics (even though not too intensive, therefore, you can play it in low end computers), and challenging.

One of the best, few medieval themed RTW mods.

Loved it, played it a ton. Get the darn mod now!

It's complete, just get patch 1.07 from twcenter. If you can't find it then I don't think you should be playing mods.


Veco says

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1.....2.....3......AWESOME MOD!!


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