This mod is provided as a standalone version. You don't need Tiberian Sun to play this. GDI, Nod, the Forgotten or CABAL. Who will triumph the endless war? This mod plays after the storyline of Firestorm. Command new units, conquer harder enemies. Will you save Earth or will you destroy it? It's your choice...

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Techtree & Unitdescription (Games : OpenRA : Mods : C&C Tiberian Sun Crystallized Doom : Forum : Status : Techtree & Unitdescription) Locked
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Astor Wardust Development
Apr 15 2013 Anchor

This thread is reserved for unit descriptions, building info and techtrees.

This are just some fast made techtrees for buildings...a more detailed one with units will come soon.

Techlevel 1 Buildings
Techlevel 1 Units
Techlevel 2 Buildings
Techlevel 2 Units
Techlevel 3 Buildings

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