Carpathian Crosses - The Romanian Army in World War II This is going to be an Add-on for Red Orchestra - Ostfront '41-'45, this means you can play standard maps along with maps like Usatovo or Chisinau. We will introduce new player models, new vehicles and new weapons to the game along with additional gameplay features. Make sure to check our website over at: Or you can join in on our IRC channel at #carpathiancrosses on the server! While you are waiting for new media (which we plan to give out quite often), we hope you can make yourself comfortable in our forums. To continue the tradition from the RO mod times, we created an "Ideas and Suggestions" forum where you can give your input and help the mod to improve. Also, we are always looking for talented guys to help us out, if you feel you have what it needs (beside skill, time and dedication is the most important), contact us.

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