A mod for Carnivores Ice Age featuring a new setting on the planet FMM-UV32: a region of arid deserts, ruled by Triassic reptiles.

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While some aspects of the mod have lost their luster due to the passage of time, it is truly a gem.

A worthy successor to the Carnivores franchise, despite its flaws.

It was ahead of its time and will leave a lasting mark on the Carnivores community- forever.

The amount of influence this mod has had on the modding community is arguably more so than the original games.

The mod certainly has its flaws and shortcomings, however, these little blips are absolutely nothing- nothing whatsoever- compared to the great amount of thought and detail put into literally everything.

It has legitimately had an impact on my life from its inception. It sounds weird, but the amount of nostalgia and respect I have for the mod is astounding.

Carnivores Triassic certainly has a place in my heart, next to the original 3 games. It has given me great enjoyment through the years. and for this I thank P.Rex, and everyone else involved. My small contribution of the recent Scutosaurus model is something I had always hoped to be able to do- contribute in a tangible way to the Greatest Carnivores Mod of all time.

You made a game bro!


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A great mod full new and interesting weapons and dinosaurs. If you have not played this mod yet, go ahead and download it. It worth it.

WHOA P.rex you blow me away

Fun to play, maps are great as well as the new weapons. This is a must for any Carnivores fan.

It's like a whole new Carnivores game, unlike most mods, you don't have the feeling that you're playing a mod. The maps are amazing, the weapons superb, the creatures very fluent, and in the end, there's more to come for the mod.

Great mod, one of the best I have ever played.


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