Calradia Reimagined takes us back to a different version of the M&B land we all know so well. What if the Swadians had decided that Archers and Shock Infantry would serve them better in the forested hills of their lands? What if they had never even been called the Kingdom of Swadia? What if the Rymor Republic was formed when the Mountain Towns broke away from the Kingdom of Anglior? This mod brings in new factions, new mechanics, new graphics and an entirely new feel to the base game.

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This mod is a good concept, there is no doubt the modder who made this has an idea what people want. Unfortunately the execution of this mod was poor. I have played this mod before v.1's release and I didn't enjoy it then. It is now officially released and worse off. The mod creator clearly has either abandoned this mod for his own sanity and lack of skill or sincerely hates the Mount and Blade community. I have no idea why this is so well regarded but for some reason it is. Let me elaborate on why I feel this way. First off, bugs. Bugs in a mod are not something that is rare and I appreciate modding can be hard however there are bugs that still remain in this game since earlier versions. Rather than adding new features fix your mod. I am sorely disappointed with how broken the mod is in it's current state, especially after it's "official release". With a game like Mount and Blade I like to immerse myself, this is made extremely hard by the fact that when I ask to look at my followers gear they abandon me and wish my on my merry way. This again being a bug however I feel this is more of a issue with immersion. another issue I have with immersion is the mini map that dominates the top left of my screen. Now I would not mind if it were not a huge issue when it comes to sieges and I can not see the volley of arrows that are about to reign upon me. The one truly irritating bug is the boots. Why does my hero feel the need to indulge his deep boot fetish after battle. By this I mean I ask him get the best gear from the loot and he decides to bask himself in the glory of a soldiers boot. This is taking bugs to a brand new level I have a problem trying to believe this isn't the modder trolling the players. Not only is my best man covered in boots but his expensive gear that I have purchased has been erased. This is not the only issues but the most important ones I had to address and I am out of character space. All of the above were found in less than 10 minutes of gameplay


This was my favorite mod but now its garbage 8 months ago it was posted a v1 and it was far FAR worse then the beta versions, I’m sorry to the modder but you have failed I implore anyone looking at this mod not to waste your time, there are so many other mod packs out there that modders spend time working on their games that the fact that this one looks to be all but abandoned says it all, I’ll call this mod dead however its something that didn’t happen soon enough this had potential but the modder had failed with it,

I Implore everyone not to waste your time on this dead mod

Allways glad to give the same review back ;P

This mod was awesome.

nice mod

AMAZINGLY HIGH POTENTIAL!!! Only thing that ruined this mod for me were these things...

Clipping through horse
2 different musics playing at the same time
very wierd camera and can't turn character
game said has staged a comeback!
there was a party called 's party and when he came to me he was apparently the minister?

That's it but this mod still has amazing potential and i really hope it is not dead, carry on working hard and iron out the bugs and this will even rival things like phantasy calradia, brytenwalda and blood and steel (a fun but still reasonably alpha stage)

Not complete but solid! Not finished but amazing ! What's else?

It's a real good mod for M&B. No bugs, good gameplay, easy to play, for relax :D

its a beautifull minimod that changes the factions unlike other mods that do this these factions are well balanced with their own unique pros and cons, stats and equipment this mod is great it only takes a couple of minutes to download and install so give it a go its extremly fun and unique

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