StarCraft: Burning Ground is Total Conversion for Starcraft 1. Do you like Massive Mech Battle? Do you like giant mechs fighting? Here is answer.

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Interesting, impressive.
Excellent graphics, good balance, great effects.

A very good game with plugins and units. I like the gameplay, I like the air support, and the new mongeese.
There are also few things to do: Fix KMC crash, combat music system, etc.

The Best Mod I Ever Seen Of Starcraft! Good Work Guys You're Awesome!


This is the coolest mod I've seen.
Though some more features could be added such as queueing Commands and siege transformations.

i say a 5 out of 10 not because the mod is bad or anything (the mod is cool shows you can have SC:II in BW) im saying 5/10 because....there is only one race Terran no zerg no protoss just 3 diffren terren types..that gets boring after a while i wish i could be frying zerglings with the firebat! but i can't


wow this mod is excellent! i see it to be the closest mod to starcraft 2. i just have an old pc so cant play sc2, but this gives me something close to that.

Best mod ever

Everything about it is awesome. Maybe issue in at the balance, which I cannot comment because I never check/test this with others.

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