StarCraft: Burning Ground is Total Conversion for Starcraft 1. Do you like Massive Mech Battle? Do you like giant mechs fighting? Here is answer.

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i say a 5 out of 10 not because the mod is bad or anything (the mod is cool shows you can have SC:II in BW) im saying 5/10 because....there is only one race Terran no zerg no protoss just 3 diffren terren types..that gets boring after a while i wish i could be frying zerglings with the firebat! but i can't

Thanks Nova Interactive for this great Starcraft mod! This mod contains new units buildings, effects, sounds, graphics, calldowns and very interesting unit portraits. I love the new UED side and all mech units!

This is a very good if not almost perfect mod for SC1. Never seen that kind of quality for a SC1-Mod.

Nice Grapics, interesting units and good soundtrack!!!

One of the best mods for SC1, If not the best. It changes a lot of aspects of the game, but keeps that feeling of SC1.


thi is awesome ,amazing .etc.etc Good Job ;)

Well since I am new I couldn't vote up to 8, My definitive vote is 10/10.
This looks promising. The units, the sounds, the music and the new mechanics and features whom compared to the original product, it does make a huge difference in quality and tactics.

This mod is GREAT,it only needs the Zerg race. If you can add that,that would be awesome.
Good job.

No description needed

Finally allowed to rate 9. Otherwise great job, needs some work still of course since it's still in beta. I'll be waiting for full release. Keep up the good work!

not bad

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