This mod will make the bodies stay in Battle for Middle Earth. The frist version which is relased now makes the bodies stay later other version might come out that change other aspects of the game.

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hey guys Version 2 of bodies stay is now here!!! Changes adds Higher commanded limit and bodies stay forever stays even longer now by request don't know exactly how long but it will satisfy trust me....

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hey guys Version 2 of bodies stay is now here!!!
Changes adds Higher commanded limit and bodies stay forever stays even longer now by request don't know exactly how long but it will satisfy trust me.

BY:General Tantor:::(also known as mendel7)
:::Game:LOTR The Battle for Middle-earth (tm):::
::: Bodies V2 :::::::changes::::
1. Made bodies stay forever version stay even longer!!!!
2. added larger commandlimit for bodies longer, even longer and stay forever versions.
Tip: even though you can make a bigger army don't forget to upgrade them or your army can be
defeated pretty easily.Installation:
1.unzip and save this mod in some folder
2.Go to your C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Battle for Middle-earth (tm) folder and back up your INI file
back up simple means copy it and put it in a folder somewhere so if you want bodies to disappaer agian
you have it backed up (it you like playing online this mod probably won't work on MP) SP works awesomly.
3.then chose a INI file thats in the zip (which should now be in bodies stay folder somewhere on computer)
the first one says "bodies stay longer" and bodies stay even longer but in the "BODIES stay Forever folder" they stay for a really long time.
4. after chosing what file then copy and place the INI in your C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Battle for Middle-earth (tm)
when in ask to replace say yes (DONT FORGET TO BACKUP THE INI FIRST THOUGH) thats it now lunch BFME and play!!!! ::BUGS:: Well, not really bug but when you have big battle lags a bit....and the army of the mountain the dead guys
that fight for the good side take a little awhile to summon...but other then that mod good =)
Adds some realism so its fun!!!!:::HOW DID I MAKE:::
Well its not hard to make this mod but its time comsuming because they made separte decay time for ever unit!!!so takes forever so i decided to just uploaded it some where for you body lovers!!!! If i knew how i would add blood...
You need to extract your INI.big with finalbig or something and then move the INI.big out of the BFME folder. Im pretty sure changing anything will prevent you from playing with anyone without the exact same ini settings. Anyway regarding the bodies...BFME\data\ini\object\evilfaction\units
BFME\data\ini\object\goodfaction\unitsThere are three entries governing body removal:
Sinkdelay, Destructiondelay, and DecayBeginTime all measured in milliseconds.Sinkdelay is how long before the unit starts to sink into the ground, destructiondelay is how long before the unit is deleted and decaybegintime is for larger units like elephants and trolls that become skeletons.Heres my quick settings that keeps the bodies around to give the impression that fighting has happened but doesn't lag up the game. Have fun applying this to all those inis:
Destructiondelay = 70000
Sinkdelay = 60000
Decaybegintime = 50000for the bodies stay forever one i used this setting though
Destructiondelay = 900000
Sinkdelay = 850000
Decaybegintime = 700000
::::V2 settings:::
Destructiondelay = 9000000
Sinkdelay = 8999000
Decaybegintime = 8990000
:::other things:::
I will be making Bodies stay mod 2 versions for patch 1.04 and 1.06:::credits:::
well, i did this mod on my own it wasn't hard just took time....

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