This modification for Blood 2 will attempt to reiginite the fires of this classic FPS.

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This mod really enhances the game for me. Without it, Blood 2 has always felt a bit hollow, but with the modifications provided by Extra Crispy, it's as if the devs had time to rebalance things in a good way. The whole arsenal becomes useful, funnier to use, and the gameplay feels more precise and satisfying. The slightly higher difficulty is motivating, the new SFX are great, and more contrasted textures really highlight the art of the game.

So, a great mod, which I think deserve to be installed from the start.

Great work. Make the game worth another playthrough!

i liked it, it adds diversity.

If the true promise of Extra Crispy was to give us a completely new experience then it is with the release of version five that the modification delivers, so much so that for people such as myself who are both very fond of and very familiar with the original game some of the changes can actually be rather jarring. Unlike the previous releases this one can not be seen as an extended game patch, even if you do decide to turn off most of the additional sound and visual effects as I previously did. If you really want to get the most out of this modification now you do need to jump into it feet first, but if you do you will not be disappointed.

While it is very much different from the original game that first grabbed me it does offer up enough of its own compelling elements to warrant your attention, and might even possibly convince some of the unconverted over to Blood II. I must admit to getting much more invested in the gun fights, using cover and environmental objects far more frequently than I would back when I was playing the original game. The run and gun nature of the original has been more fully refined and exploited, creating encounters that are both more subtle and more frantic at the same time. Everything has been taken up to the eleven, and while I may still keep version four around for more traditional playthroughs, version five certainly brings enough of its own to the table to breath plenty of new life into this sixteen year old shooter.

A mod that doesn't change a ton of things but most of them were quite needed at some point.
The singularity cannon isn't broken anymore, the dual wieldable weapons can finally use their alt fire modes when dual wielded, and the orb's alt fire is finally useable with Caleb.
I also do like the HUD additions who are really handy because it always ****** me off to not see how much insicticide I had left when I use the assault rifle and the combat shotgun.

Nifty mod I'd say

Great community with great modification. It does not make changes to bring it to the NextGEN with shader-like water, skyes and trees and it does not make it like Call of duty (thank God!!!). It just keep the fire of one of the greatest shooter :) Thanks for that :) Keep on going :)

Looks nice!

It was great job i like this mod but it has serious graphical glitches with using Howitzer on D3d mode. Because large top part of my display was lost because that strange grey surface. Tell me anyone, what the hell it been? What i did wrong? My "Customize" order was NIGHTMARELEVELS_EC_V4.0.REZ >> B2EC_V5.0.REZ >> EC_PACK1_V5.0.REZ >> EC_PACK2_V5.0.REZ´╗┐.
And yes it more unstable than previous version, much more crashes. But its all negative impressions because mod adds new SFX, new effects, more detailed textures and others

It's really nice that someone goes to the effort to change as much as possible and to the limits for this game(it's very old and they are limits to how much changes you can make in graphics too) And the gameplay is really by far better than the original.


roably when I first heard there was a second one after years of it's release. Loving the first blood it felt like a no brainer to just buy it. Loving monolith games with Blood, No one lives forever, F.E.A.R, Alien vs Predator 2, etc. I just had to buy it. When I saw gameplay videos It looked cool seeing Caleb in 3d models. But the game felt "different". It felt like Monolith wasn't use to transitioning from the build engine to Lithtech.. The game was definitely not perfect. But the gameplay still remained intact with speed and just being able to destroy everything it was just the feel of the game that was different. In blood 1 you go through graveyards, Church's, Hell, Woods, Snow, Water, Etc. Every level in blood 1 felt like a horror dark gritty haunted level. Where in Blood 2 everything feels more "modern". But the game is set a whole century after the first. So it made sense. It just didn't feel like it. Blood 1 is a Halloween feeling game and blood 2 is Modern/Halloween game. Especially in the later the levels, you go through some dark cathedral looking levels. But Blood 2 always felt unsure of itself. But it was a good game with awesome voice cover of Caleb and Cool music.

With that though Extracrispy mod give blood 2 or at least gave blood 2 another reason for me to play again. Blood 2 is a lot like Turok 3 shadow of oblivion. I want to love it so much because of what it is. But find it hard to with what it became. Extracrispy mod changes that though. It balances the gameplay out more. I can weapon combo like the 1st and use every weapon like the first. Everything feels right and it kinda reminds me of No one lives forever or james bond but with Caleb as the villain/Good guy with the speed of Doom/Duke Nukem. The game looks better and is more appealing giving it a more gritty looking feel adding to the atmosphere of what blood is. With being able to destroy everything in sight! The Flare is bad *** as to every other weapon as well.

I really feel like Extracrispy is the way blood 2 is meant to be played. I actually enjoy Blood 2 so much more now. Caleb is fast as hell and makes the 1st one seem slow in comparison. I got it to work on windows 10 which took a bit. But it's almost October I have to play blood 1 and 2 its required as a blood fan.

It seems monolith at the time and a few other companies but aminly monolith. Made it to where their games are super ******* hard on normal to high difficulty. And it's not even really a fair type of hard. I think they made Ai hard as **** to compensate for dumb ai. It kinda makes sense but at the same time it really doesn't. The ai isn't bad I've seen worse and it is from the 90's but God damn is the ai pin point in accuracy!! and they aren't even smart. They run directly toward you, and if there is a wall they run into that wall continuously even if you are behind them. Though this seems to happen a bit Extra crispy mod makes it to where there are more enemies than usual so even if 1 is running into a wall. the other 7 are running toward you in a flank shooting you with no remorse.

This is really just a minor issue. But I definitely think Monolith made it to where the ai just had God like aim or Quake 3 nightmare mode aim so that you wouldn't really notice the ai as dumb. Especially for that time it was a smart approach but with todays games and Even F.E.A.R or Turok 2 you can tell the difference from smart ai and lacking ai. I really do love the extra crispy mod and am surprised someone is still updating such an underrated game. That just makes me love blood 2 more to see people fixing and adding to what was once just a broken game compared to the 1st. Extra crispy mod is really the only way to enjoy blood 2 and see monoliths game shine for what it could have been. I found myself smiling playing blood 2 because of how much better it is in every single way. It really reminds me of painkiller and serious sam. But i feel blood 2 with this mod is better than pain and serious sam.

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