Blitzkrieg I, have you played any World War II game on your computer, but left it feeling kinda empty inside? Did you wish that you could build factories and command a squad of Panzers rolling across the plains to crush your foe? All that is exactly what Blitzkrieg I does. It is a total conversion of Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge that turns it into a massive World War II real time strategy game. You can choose to either fight as the economical Allies, the mighty Germans or the industrious Russians in a battle for the domination of Europe. With the release of version 3.0, Blitzkrieg I "Classic" will be turned into a mile stone in the Command & Conquer modding community, it will not only provide the player with a completly new interface, three unique sides and a sound track produced purely for the use in the mod. Blitzkrieg will also be provided with a new challenging AI, a historical campaign and more stable online play. The Sequel to Blitzkrieg I, Blitzkrieg II is located...

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Is the modder still works?


Good Mix :)


Serrara says

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Ok, I changed my mind. It needs NPatch! WTF?!
The mod is ok tho.


well i can say it is good mod


Well designed and executed.


gokhan_aydin says


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