You wake up in an uninviting room with the foreboding feeling that something is lingering outside... You recall a dark figure stalking you the night before... No, it must have been your mind playing games with you. You remember tightly closing and locking the door before resting. The key is no longer in the keyhole and the door appears unlocked. Who, or what, could have gotten through from the other side? Is something after you? Black Forest Castle V2 was released in progress back in 2010, but has since been refined, updated, expanded and completed in mid-2011. It has been on the Frictional Games forums for a long time and has been quite well received - but it is just now coming to Moddb so that others can enjoy it! I would like to say that the maps' design comes close to that of Frictional Games' due to the attention to detail and realistic cluttering. The custom "story" does not really have any story of its own, but is more a thriller type of story. I hope you enjoy my work!

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10/10 Mapping
10/10 Scripting

it was an awesome cs dude :D

What a disappointment. It ended! That was super scary! Absolutely loved it!

Best custom story ever, after disponentia


One of the best cs ever made.
Realy Scary!

I think you deserve a 10/10 rating. :D

Even if the ending was kind of disappointing to me. I just paused the game and went to the toilet came back unpaused and suddenly a event happened and the game was over. I just had so much fun! But I just couldn't give a 9/10. It's more like a conte. An open ending and stuff you know. =)

Awesome story. You did nothing wrong.

A very good custom story. Detailed mapping and puzzles (those were a bit difficult).

Very well executed! This mod had some fantastic gameplay,as well as a good atmosphere and a few very good scares. If it were twice as long,and/or had a better story, this would have been an easy 10/10.

Great scares
Monsters placed very well
Had fun playing it
Recommend playing it
Only downside was just the length of the story, but good overall

Very well made, 8/10! Brutes = :'( I liked the scares, but I could "feel" where the scripted parts were. I liked it anyway

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