This time you are sent in to Black Mesa for an entirely different reason – Giant Scientists!

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Silly and hilarious.


A silly, funny mod that is worth a download.


i remember this one:I added custom weapons and npcs to start a little..
"Series" with this mod.

Planetphilp is the person that introduced me to this mod

This is the best messed up mod ever

brash work doesn't good :(
But its very funny :D

Short, but there is nothing like big scientists :)

I had a hell of a time :D

short but fun


Good mod but It crashed on me once but I hope it dosn't happen agian so i give it a 7/10

Check out my full review of this, and other Half-Life mods on my personal blog, Modzone!

Ewwww. Scientists are big but not their hitbox. Lightning and mapping is beyond bad. For a joke mod it ain't even done well.

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