29th Of November 2006*** ************************ 1: Info 2: Install 3: Playing 4: Credits *****************INFO************** After years of hoping i have at last got off my lazy behind and made a mod :P,He's ment to replesent my gaming self :P,Dont make him angery(seriously :P) if your lvl 10 or more dont be to worried ;),This is my first EVER plugin so expect some bugs.The mod uses the following Armour mod:Adamantium Armor(dont have a link :@) *Thats it as far as i know* ****************INSTALL************ Just extract the 'Beretta_Companion.esp' to your morrowind\Data Files folder, start the morrowind launcher, click on Data Files **********PLAYING************** He will be wondering in the centre of Seyda Neen(you cant miss him) ****************CREDITS****************** Beretta(me):Plugin Creation Partner mod team: For the tutrial and scriepts i needed if i missed you out please email me or email your feedback to,Windirect@yahoo.co.uk *****************************************...

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